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Enola Holmes 2 review – a superior and delightfully funny sequel

November 3, 2022

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We are reviewing the Netflix movie Enola Holmes 2, which contains no spoilers.

Here’s a sequel to the young adult adaptation that’s so perfectly cast and so utterly charming that you’ll end up forgiving them for another movie with continued excessive running time. Millie Bobby Brown is delightfully funny and has clearly shown that it has what it takes to carry this potential franchise for years to come. With the extra screen time of Henry Cavill like big brother sherlock holmes, Enola Holmes 2 is an enchanting murder mystery in a franchise that just gets better with every episode.

When we last saw Enola, she found her calling and grew close to her, some might say her infamous brother, Sherlock. Now her legal guardian, as he makes headlines, Enola started her detective agency. Don’t forget she’s the seeker of lost souls, so why not get paid? However, she is about to close up shop as adult life offers cold truths.

Of course, one of them is that Enola can’t step out of her brother’s shadow. Until our heroine takes on a case to find a missing girl, Sarah Chapman (Anatomy of a Scandal Hannah Dodd), hired by his little sister. Hannah and her sisters worked in a match factory. Enola thinks the mystery begins there with the match girls all afflicted with a strange case of phlebitis (an inflammation of a vein), which sets off, pun intended, a dangerous mystery. Not that big corporate cats like Charles McIntyre (Tim Macmillan) care.

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According to Nancy Springer Mysteries of Enola Holmesdirector Harry Bradbeer and Jack Thorne come back for a satisfying and fun adventure movie. The secret is the amazing cast of actors and the goofy characters they create here. You have the blossoming youthful romance between Brown’s Enola and Paige Brown’s Viscount Tewkesbury, who is lovable and vibrant. In addition to Cavill’s talent for action, the series has discovered a real talent for deadpan humor. Both develop well over the course of the franchise, and there’s plenty of room for full character development.

You then have returning favorites like Helena Bonham Carter as Enola’s mother, who embodies the comedic tone of the film. Adeel Akhtar Agent Lestrade is always a welcome sight, while Enola’s best friend Edity, played by the ever welcoming Susana Wokomabrings a beautiful presence to the role. Dunes Sharon Duncan Brewster plays the mysterious Mira Troy, who steals every scene she’s in with limited screen time. However, the secret of sequels is being able to add new characters. And reliably, the best are the bad guys. I’m thinking of ending thingsDavid Thewlis is a hoot as the hardened, cynical, scolding Grail Superintendent.

Enola Holmes 2 running time is long but never feels that way. The story is well-crafted and the themes are topical. Not to mention, Locke and Bradbeer’s cheeky script is still fun and disarming with zippy dialogue that flies fast and furious. This feminist tale for young adults is a superior sequel whose characters never outstay their welcome. And be sure to stick around for the mid-credits scene, which may hint at an exciting spinoff into the Holmes and Holmes universe.

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The post Enola Holmes 2 review – a superior and delightfully fun sequel appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.