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Eagle-Eyed Horror Fans Eye An Easter Egg That Interestingly Connects ‘It’ To ‘Tom & Jerry’

October 7, 2022

Detail-minded movie buffs and horror fans alike have been known to indulge in rewatches of past films to take a closer look at the tiny clues scattered throughout the project. And while some horror features like candy man (2021) and We (2019) feature a slew of distinctive Easter eggs, other sneaky objects are less obvious to the naked eye – which is precisely the case with Andy Muschietti’s supernatural horror film It Chapter Two (2019).

On the r/horror subreddit, user u/Open-Team3194 engaged other users on the social platform by mentioning that they had started a 5th rewatch of the James McAvoy vehicle. In their in-depth analysis, Open-Team3194 specifically described an exclusive scene that includes an interesting easter egg that connects the horror movie to the iconic animated series. Tom and Jerry. The aforementioned scene features an aged Henry Bowers in a mental asylum while an episode of the series plays in the background. In the episode, Tom and Jerry chase a steak as it floats down a rainy street and falls into a storm drain – which perfectly describes the iconic encounter between horror villain Pennywise and Georgie Denbrough.

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