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‘Doctor Strange 2’ fans believe they’ve discovered the reason for the mystifying villain’s name change

January 4, 2022

So much the hype for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness exploded after the release of its first trailer, a piece of what we know from the movie has left fans scratching their heads. In the aforementioned trailer, we caught sight of Benedict Cumberbatch’s wizard grappling with a tentacle monstrosity the merchandise revealed is called Gargantos. The point is, however, that he bears no resemblance to the creature known as Gargantos in the comics and is clearly an adaptation of the interdimensional being known as Shuma-Gorath in the comics.

The seemingly unnecessary name change has frustrated fans on social media, but now we can find out the reason for the change. As @UpToTASK pointed out on Twitter, Shuma-Gorath is actually a name that was first created by the author of Conan the barbarian Robert E. Howard. So it’s likely that Marvel will be hoping to avoid any copyright issues with Howard’s estate and the holders of the cinematic rights to his works by simply giving their own Shuma-Gorath a different nickname.