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Decision to Leave Review – one of the best movies of 2022

January 6, 2023

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We review the movie Decision to Leave, which does not contain any significant spoilers.

Park Chan-wookThe film is a romantic thriller about a murder mystery about a disturbing romance; it’s an atmospheric masterpiece brimming with obsession, jealousy and loss of self-control. Decision to leave is his striking metaphor for what it means to love without trust and to trust without love. The final haunting scenes will remain etched in your memory long after the final credits and the lights turn on. It is Chan-wook’s best film while being the most accessible.

Decision to leave Plot review and summary

Yes, the principle of Decision to leave is nothing new. Man meets woman, woman meets man, and guess what? Love Hurts. However, in the romance, a detective falls in love with the widow of death he is currently investigating. Det. Jang Hae-jun (a remarkable Hae-il Park) is the ringleader of the case. His team investigates the death of a retired immigration worker. What makes the case strange is that the man is found dead at the edge of a nearly impossible-to-climb mountain cliff. Everything about this case screams accidental death. However, Hae-jun can’t shake his hunch that something is wrong with death. Or he can’t help thinking about the main suspect other than through criminal means.

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The main suspect in his murder investigation is Song Seo-rae (a deadly agent Tang Wei). She is the beautiful and much younger wife of the deceased. There’s something wrong with her. She has physical bruises and scratches. Seo-rae is almost cold and too calm about her husband’s death, but if it wasn’t a happy marriage, then why should she cry? One piece of evidence that could be telling is that she has a tattoo marked with her husband’s initials. Why is this strange? On the surface, it’s a banal expression of love. However, when you look closely, it’s done the same way as when someone marks their own property.

What writer/director Park Chan-wook does so well is take all the obvious cliches you’ve ever seen in a crime or romantic movie, and then the characters react in various revealing and reactionary ways that are utterly the opposite of what we have seen before. Not just for the viewer, but it’s equally fascinating to watch the character experience something new that they’re not used to or comfortable with – expressions of love and empathy. . The gifted director not only explores attraction, but also the cynical way we approach more meaningful meanings or even love when it comes to relationships. The reaction you expect is never the behavior that unfolds on screen. All while layering that into a clever, fascinating, and constantly surprising murder plot.

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The performances are extraordinary and devastatingly effective, never more so than when the romantic tension rises and so much is said in the silences. Hae-il loses himself in the role of a lonely insomniac detective who lives far from his wife and only sees her once a week or two. Conversely, Wei’s Seo-rae plays the classic where the devil comes dressed as a beautiful woman. Yet her character is like an artichoke unveiling humorous, even evil, and dark new revelations, constantly confusing others, especially Hae-jun, around her. The viewer can’t quite read about it. A survival tactic of constantly pivoting from a life of trauma. Both are a byproduct of the professional taking control of their lives, resulting in their lack of trust in people.

Besides the director’s deft screenplay, Chan-wook remains a stunning auteur, bringing artistic resonance to a totally original genre picture. Film is a visual medium and jaw-dropping visuals transform a genre of films like crime or romance into compelling works of art, from the startling aerial crime scene opening to the sinister dreamlike grandeur of revealing the truth. on top of a snowy cliff. Perhaps no mystery crime film has been shot with such finesse while being so gracefully crafted. And we haven’t even talked about that haunting finale.

Is the movie Decision to leave good?

How should I say this? Reminiscent of Hitchcock, the tone is seamless, the performances from Park Hae-il and Tang Wei are impeccable, and the storytelling is addictively satisfying and gripping. Park Chan-wook’s ability to elevate “genre” film into remarkable works of art is breathtaking. Park Chan-wook Decision to leave is one of best movies of 2022.

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The post Decision to Quit Review – One of the Best Movies of 2022 appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.