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DC Fans Use Henry Cavill’s Birthday to Push for ‘Superman’ Return

May 5, 2022

Superman star Henry Cavill celebrates his birthday today and DC fans have taken to Twitter to plead for his return to the iconic role.

For years, fans have dreamed of seeing Cavill star in a Zack Snyder sequel Man of Steel (2013) but Warner Bros. was adamant that the next Superman film will feature another actor in the lead role. As previously reported, that hasn’t stopped the movie studio from offering Cavill cameos in multiple DCEU projects. However, he hasn’t agreed to anything yet.

His impeccable performance in Steel man transcended any criticism of the film. Last year, Cavill expressed his desire to reprise the role of Joe-El/Clark Kent:

“There’s still a lot of storytelling for me to do as Superman, and I would absolutely love that opportunity. »

So far, Cavill’s will and DC fan demand has yet to sway Warner Bros. But that hasn’t stopped fans from celebrating the actor under #HenryCavillSuperman and praising his turn in the film.

A fan asked for a second Superman film with Cavill, describing it as the role the actor was “born to play”.

Another fan posted an image of Cavill standing in front of his Steel man costume, with quotes from the actors on what the role means to him.

The general consensus in the hashtag is that Cavill’s performance is simply untouchable, with another fan describing his iteration of Superman as “the best”.

Time will tell if Warner Bros. changed his mind and gives fans the Superman sequel they want with Cavill back in the cape.