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David and the Elves review – restoring love and hope this Christmas

December 6, 2021

This Netflix Christmas movie review David and the Elves is spoiler-free.

We are in December; it’s Christmas; it’s freezing cold, so who doesn’t love having the Christmas movies bumped into them? Well I’m sure there are some of you Grinches, but for you holiday movie lovers Netflix released the Christmas movie David and the Elves, and it got me in my mind. of Christmas. If you’re looking for a fun, easy, cheesy, and breezy Christmas movie to watch at night, this is it.

The story surrounds Albert the elf and David, 11, going on an adventure. Albert does not understand the whole concept of Saint Nicholas existing as Santa Claus / Father Christmas and escapes into the human world to share and offer his magic. What could possibly go wrong? David recently moved to Warsaw with his parents, away from his extended family (grandparents), and with him missing home, David and Albert go on an adventure to find the magic of Christmas.

This holiday feature film is directed by Michal Rogalski. It stars Cyprian Grabowski as David, an 11-year-old boy who lives in a big city, Jakub Zajac as an elf called Albert and Cezary Zak as Santa Claus. Shot in Zakopane and Warsaw, the film has nice cinematography and hopefully no artificial snow.

The story is funny. It’s cheesy and filled with all the typical Christmas clichés, but that’s why we love them. There is action, drama, love, bravery and some parts are hilarious; much packaged in a short film. Nowhere felt slow or too predictable. There is a good level of consistency in the plot. The acting is good, with good comedic timing and strong chemistry.

With a warm and touching ending, this film is a story of love, friendship and selflessness in the magical Christmas season. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys their Christmas movies or wants a fun movie to watch. This movie is suitable for both adults and children, so you can watch it on your own or with your family. (I watched it alone, if you feel bad for some reason alone with my cat)

David and the Elves – Restoring Love and Hope this Christmas article first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.