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Daniel Radcliffe Speaks Out on These Wolverine and ‘X-Men’ Rumors

October 31, 2022

Many wonder who will take on the very difficult task of filling Hugh Jackman’s shows once the actor finally, and we mean finally, steps down from the role of Wolverine. Now, as usual with this stuff, fans often come up with their picks for who they want to see in the role, and one name, in particular, has come up time and time again, and that person is Harry Potter himself. , Daniel Radcliffe. The actor has spoken out about fan-casting several times and is ready to finally put it all to bed.

Wolverine has been iconic played by Jackman since 2000, in a run we all thought was over when the actor said 2017’s Logan would be the last time he appeared in the role. The film was a phenomenal send-off for the character, one of his best outings to date, and felt extremely final, but it seems Jackman’s good friend and superhero Ryan Reynolds managed to pull it off. convince him to put his claws back once more to Dead Pool 3. Beyond that, it still looks like the character will need to be recast if he’s to appear elsewhere in the MCU as the X-Men are finally ready to join the cinematic universe.

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