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Dakota Johnson demonstrates the right way to approach NFTs in a social setting

June 28, 2022

NFTs are a sensitive subject to discuss, especially among people who still retain enough common sense to see through the deception of the biggest fool theory and keep a safe distance from it all. But even if you’re not on board the blockchain hype train, things can still get particularly irritating when celebrities and famous people dip their toes in crypto waters just to make a quick buck or, in the most dynamic scenarios, just staying a little more relevant.

Well, this seems like your lucky day, because the “no bullshit” part of the online community might have a new champion to represent them in the form of Dakota Johnson. In a recent profile of vanity loungethe free-spirited actress — most remembered for her appearance in the fifty shades trilogy but otherwise best known for always speaking her mind and standing up for herself — spoke of a time she brought up the issue of NFTs at a social gathering.