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Could ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ hit the Hemsworth trifecta with a cameo from this hunky hero?

July 1, 2022

We are entering the home stretch before the theatrical release of the latest MCU film and the unprecedented fourth entry in the Thor franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder. Fans aren’t just eager to continue the adventures of the star-studded Asgardian, they’re also anticipating the best of all MCU projects: cameo appearances from other Marvel superheroes.

And while there’s already a virtual grocery list of desired cameos, die-hard Marvel fans are hoping to get at least a glimpse of one of the most beloved Avengers yet in any movie or TV series in the universe. Marvel Cinematic: Hercules. The super strong son of Zeus has had several long stints as a member of Marvel’s most diverse super team, but has yet to show up in one of the franchise’s many vehicles.