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Chalk Line review – a promising but uneven horror thriller

October 25, 2022

Netflix released The Chalk Line movie on Monday, October 24, 2022 – here’s our official spoiler-free review.

The psychological thriller is all the rage these days, and it’s a welcome twist from the decades of slasher p**n the world has been exposed to for the past few decades. The chalk line (Jaula)a new movie by Ignacio Tatay (mano to mano), is a deeply atmospheric and haunting thriller that’s more impressive than the story itself. A script does not have to answer all questions. A few good missing points can lead to a great conversation, or even consider bigger possibilities, but unfortunately, despite some good twists, there are some plot holes that need to be answered. This is where the impressive cinematography of Oriol Barcelona comes into play as effective smoke and mirrors.

Working from a script Isabelle Pena (stockholm), the story follows a childless couple, Paula (Elena Anaya) and Simone (Pablo Molinero). Returning from a party, they encounter a frightened little blonde-haired girl walking down a lonely highway. They take him to the hospital. The adorable child is in bad shape. They say she suffers from malnutrition and selective mutism. However, Paula and Simone can’t stop thinking about her. So they let them take her home on a trial basis, hoping that a nurturing environment will lead her to open up and find out who she is and where she comes from.

Today’s film is first and foremost standard “bad wheat” thriller territory where the caring parent doesn’t want to believe their child is pure evil or possessed in some way. The child is soon named Clara and things start to get spooky around the house, such as broken glass starting to appear in the jam jars. Even Clara displays emotional control issues and physically assaults Paula.

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Peña’s script is perplexing because, ridiculous as it may be, it also has a satisfying twist in its third act. The setup is pure cornball. After watching Netflix The good nurseI know hospital administrators like loopholes to get high-risk patients off their books because they don’t want their insurance premiums to go up, but that’s beyond ridiculous. The child does not communicate, has been abused, kidnapped and also acts dangerously. So let her go home with strangers where sharp objects are all around the house.

However, when we think The chalk line is about to head towards the good son territory, this is not the case. It veers into a somewhat satisfying, surprising, and suspenseful twist. The problem is that the question of who the bad guys are is never fully explained. However, I appreciate that Peña’s storyline doubled down again near the end of the film, leading to another shocking plot twist.

The end of The chalk line yells the results of the drug tests. I have an intuition since there is an intervention without explanation, which comes back to what we talked about above. These specific developments undoubtedly call for at least brief explanations. A more disturbing ending would have made a thriller much more effective since the success of the genre is almost always linked to an original conclusion.

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