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Benedict Wong talks about the ‘Wong’ spin-off

May 10, 2022

Not content with being the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-616, Benoit Wong expressed interest in a spin-off series or movie for Wong after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Wong has become a fan favorite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with what was once a junior servant character in the comics now a battle-hardened drill sergeant for Doctor Strange, unafraid to call him about his mistakes. His fandom led to the beautifully obscure subreddit /r/WongCinematicUniverse.

Talk to VarietyBenedict Wong talked about the potential for a Wong spin-off, and that will be good news for the Wong-tourage.

“I’ve been asked this a million times…I’m very flattered, and there are certain answers to certain questions that we need to answer. We haven’t seen (Wong) for five years when he came through the portal, so we can fill in a few storylines there. Let’s wait and see what Marvel does. I always say, ‘Have Portal, go travel.’

Much of Wong’s backstory has yet to be explored, but given the character’s cult following, it seems like a clear path for Marvel to explore.

While there hasn’t been a “One Shot” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a while, given that Wong must defend the Sanctum Sanctorum during the events of Avengers: Infinity Warperhaps this chapter and the next five years could be a good vein to tap into, as Benedict Wong points out.

Wong also spoke of inspirations for his portrayal of the character, comparing him to former Manchester United captain Roy Keane, the club Wong has supported since he was a child.

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Fans can see Phase Wong continue in Doctor Strange 2currently in the cinema.