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Are Zack Snyder fans right to refuse to believe bots rigged the Oscars?

May 14, 2022

Director’s fans Zack Snyder refuse to believe that a few fan-voted categories at the Oscars were dominated by his films due to unfair rigging, despite a report that seemed to raise questions about the possibility of Twitter bots tampering with the tally. But the Academy’s take on the situation, in a later report, was the most startling revelation of all.

The Wrap reported on Thursday that the most active voters in Twitter polls “were stand-alone web programs,” when it comes to the Oscars’ “Fan Favorite” and “Cheer Moment” categories, which were won by Snyder’s. army of the dead and Justice League (2021), respectively.

But is the report all it seems? Many fans, especially those advocating for DC to restore the so-called SnyderVerse, are having their doubts.

An impromptu campaign has started popping up on Twitter with users saying they voted for Snyder in the tally and that they are indeed not robots.

But let’s be real: of course, the director’s fans will disprove the bot theory. Are there any other reports that back them up?

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It turns out that since The Wrap’s initial report, vanity lounge of all locations filed their own report on Friday that appeared to contradict the former’s claim. According to the article,

” [A]An Academy source defended the merits of the categories, saying only 20 votes could be cast per Twitter account and that accounts less than a day old were barred from voting.

The Wrap’s original report cited Tweet Binder, a hashtag analysis tool, and University of Maryland professor David Kirsch, whose research included studying fanbots. While Kirsch said there were questionable accounts, he couldn’t “definitely declare them bots.” Nonetheless, The Wrap noted some “strange anomalies” with the polls, such as a one-day jump in votes to 25,000 votes on February 27, 2022, after daily tallies in the weeks leading up to that date were between 4,000 and 15. 000. Scope.

Snyder’s two fan-voted wins were announced at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, but were largely overshadowed by a certain slap in the face heard around the world.