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An infamous horror remake that’s been cursed at every turn is killing streaming

May 15, 2022

If you want a classic example of how things can go wrong on a big budget production, look no further than the 2010s. The werewolf. The remake of the iconic horror property was beset with problems at virtually every turn, and yet it somehow emerged in the aftermath as an Oscar-winning movie.

Mark Romanek was set to lead Universal’s furry favorite update, but The werewolf was scrapped when it dropped just four weeks before production began. Joe Johnston stepped in on very short notice, who was led to believe he would be in and out in 80 days, which certainly didn’t turn out to be the case.

The first day of filming was in March 2008, but reshoots were still underway nearly 16 months later. In the meantime, Danny Elfman was hired to compose the score, which ended up being kicked out in favor of Paul Haslinger, before the studio decided to use the original music less than a month before release after being unhappy with Elfman’s replacement.

the werewolf

That’s without even mentioning the delays that saw the goth period play significantly delayed from November 2008 to February 2010, the fact that it bombed dramatically after failing to recoup the mammoth $150 million budget ( nearly double the original $80 million estimate), and a critical response that could generously be described as lukewarm at best.

As mentioned, Rick Baker won an Oscar for Best Makeup, so that wasn’t bad news. Continuing in this vein, The werewolf suddenly became a massive hit on streaming this weekend as well, with FlixPatrol surprisingly showcasing it as one of the most-watched titles on the global iTunes list.

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