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Alice, Darling Review – slow-burning drama that’s competent but not satisfying

February 10, 2023

The post Alice, Darling Review – A Slow-Burn Drama That’s Competent But Unsatisfying appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

A debut film for Mary Nighy, we review the 2022 Alice film, Darling, which contains minor spoilers.

Thematically uncomfortable and frayed at the edges, Alice, darling is an uncompromising study of an unhealthy relationship that doesn’t shy away from the complex nature of domestic violence in its many forms. The dread and oppressive tone is a slow-burning fuse, and many say it’s Anna Kendrickso let’s take a closer look Anna, my darling.

Alice, Darling Review and Plot Summary

Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick stars in this tense psychological drama as Alice, a woman who seems close to the edge due to her psychologically abusive artist boyfriend, Simon. When the opportunity to vacation with two close girlfriends arises, Alice must face the nature of what is happening to her, as her friends are increasingly aware of her situation and unafraid to tell her some truths. Eventually, Alice begins to take steps to escape Simon’s vice manipulation, a brave choice that doesn’t sit well with her boyfriend, who seems capable of anything.

This is a first film for Mary Nighyand if the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Mary is the daughter of Bill Nighywho should definitely be in the running for an Oscar after her performance in a little-seen screen gem Life. Anna Kendrick is the title Alice, and Charlie Carrick plays sweet Simon, her boyfriend, and the film focuses on the abusive relationship Alice is trapped in.

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Alice is lucky enough to escape for a friend’s birthday but has to lie to Simon for that to happen, and in the background of the main narrative we are told of the disappearance of another girl who is referenced and reported on television. Retirement becomes more of an intervention for Alice as her friends begin to see the unease behind the relationship, and the film slowly rocks you into its premise. What begins as a seemingly normal setup begins to overflow and allows us to glimpse the darker and more sinister nature of Simon’s behavior.

Alice is clearly living on her nerves, and Kendrick expresses the character’s anxiety and concern in the way she reacts to the slightest action, such as receiving a text message. Alice’s discomfort begins to manifest in more physical ways; she has a habit of playing with her hair, which horribly leads to her literally tearing her hair out, but it’s never done in a gratuitous way or with over-the-top melodrama.

Nighy manages to steer away from creating the kind of scenes one would expect from a film of this nature, avoiding major clashes and hyper-realistic confrontations, instead aiming for a more grounded atmosphere and creating a sense of genuine dread. .

Is the movie Alice, Darling good?

Quietly unnerving and thoroughly sinister, this film actually takes a leaf out of Simon’s playbook, manipulating the viewer into a slow descent from Alice’s living nightmare. It’s the kind of film that will resonate more with people who may have found themselves in a similar position and can empathize with the lead role. The film is a fantastic debut for Nighy, but there are times when you can expect more, and you never do.

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Thematically, this movie is for people who can understand and recognize the situation, but the gradual reveal, while masterfully done, may not be for moviegoers who are looking for more meat on the bone. The trailer and premise may lead some to expect a more conventional thriller, and the subplot that is introduced may also hint at a more catastrophic final act, and this misstep may explain a somewhat pessimistic ending. unsatisfactory. There’s a lot to enjoy here, but you may need to be in a certain mood or circumstance, to be truly engaged with the narrative.

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The post Alice, Darling Review – A Slow-Burn Drama That’s Competent But Unsatisfying appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.