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Aftersun Review – a calm and thoughtful look at the nature of father and daughter

January 16, 2023

The post Aftersun Review – a calm and thoughtful look at the nature of father and daughter appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.

We review the movie Aftersun (2022), which contains minor spoilers.

Written and directed by Charlotte Wells, After Sun is an exploration of relationships, particularly that between father and daughter, and the complexities and nuances that are often so subtle that they are overlooked or ignored. Through flashbacks and video clips, we find eleven-year-old Sophie and her thirty-year-old father Callum vacationing in Turkey.

After-Sun Review and Plot Summary

As for the plot, there is a simple premise for the movie. Callum and his eleven-year-old daughter, Sophie, are vacationing at a Turkish resort in the early 2000s. What’s not so simple are the undercurrents that run between film lines and nature. ambiguity of the story. On the surface this seems like a somewhat melancholy study of the relationship between the two protagonists, however, if you scratch the surface of the storyline, it looks like there’s something else going on that might be overlooked in a first viewing.

It becomes apparent early in the film that Callum seems to have some disconnect with Sophie, although she obviously loves her very much, and it would be easy to say that this could stem from the personal circumstances affecting the two characters.

However, as the film progresses, we see that we are looking at events in retrospect from Sophie’s perspective. It is also evident that Sophie is a bright and intelligent child and pays a lot of attention to her father’s actions and decisions.

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At eleven, Sophie is interested in everything that happens around her. We see her interacting with other kids at the resort, and there are scenes where she leaves her dad and experiences the holidays without his presence.

The main flashback we see is of Callum seemingly at a rave, complete with manic music and strobe lights, implying that Callum may have been part of that scene. As the vacation continues, we see the father and daughter duo participating in various activities such as scuba diving and going to karaoke.

However, these adventures are always slightly tense, and Callum often appears bored or disinterested. At the end of the film, we see Callum saying goodbye to Sophie at the airport, then there is a time jump, and we see an adult Sophie, watching an old video from the vacation, but seemingly shaken by memories of what was possibly his last time with his loving father.

After Sun is a film neat in its screenplay and delicate in its themes. Watching events unfold, in the mist of a Turkish landscape, almost hypnotizes you, slowly takes you through the small events of Sophie and Callum, gently eases their time together, and very rarely does anything to wake you from her charm . There are very few moments that come close to real drama, but it’s this mastery of form that makes this film a bit unique.

You’re almost a voyeur in the audience, the performances are so natural you feel like you’re surreptitiously watching, and the tone is so ambient it’s easy to forget what many feel is the main focus of the arc of the two protagonists. . It might be a slice of life that shows little, but when you manage to step back, during the flashbacks and the sleeping dream sequences, it shows that there was a lot more going on than there was. appears.

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There’s no exposition or voiceover, and it takes a bit of work to get to the bottom of it, but that only makes the movie more intriguing. When we, as an audience, finally begin to understand the true relevance of the holidays, it’s heartbreaking and haunting. We essentially see through Sophie’s eyes the crushing reality of their last time together, and this revelation, while never stark, leaves you as bereft and alone as Sophie.

It’s a film that proves that there are still projects that can make you think. In a sea of ​​franchises, prequels, sequels, and CGI nightmares, After Sun lets you know that there is still originality and talent.

Is the movie of 2022 After Sun Well?

It’s hard to categorize this movie, because it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. There are themes that can be tackled more skillfully in other articles, but if you have any interest in the medium then you should watch this production.

How you react to the film may depend on your expectations of the medium. It’s a quiet, thoughtful, ambiguous, and beautiful film, and no matter how you dissect it, it’s hard not to be engaged. Perhaps the pacing isn’t for everyone and the small world the characters exist in may leave some viewers a bit cold, but the technical precision the film exhibits has been hidden behind the ease of the performers and director. . It’s a masterful presentation that should be on your watch list by now.

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The post Aftersun Review – a calm and thoughtful look at the nature of father and daughter appeared first on Ready Steady Cut.