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A review of Trip To Infinity – what is infinity?

September 29, 2022

This review of the Netflix movie A Trip To Infinity does not contain spoilers.

The question of what infinity could be is the main question of this documentary film. Out of Places Alone – “In an animated film (created by artists from 10 countries), the world’s most forward-thinking scientists and mathematicians set off in search of infinity and its mind-bending implications for the universe” – this documentary film may seem like it really only fits a particular audience. But given a chance, there’s actually a lot more to A journey to infinity. In fact, it could very easily be enjoyed by those with little interest in math or science.

It asks big questions, and those questions can stay with you much longer than the show will. How big is infinity? When did infinity begin to exist? What makes it so big? These are just some of the questions posed in the film. And with each answer, there are even more questions. An infinite number of questions, one might say.

It’s a well-crafted document, and the experts are very passionate about it. Some of what they say can sometimes overwhelm you, but it’s still an enjoyable watch from start to finish. In fact, the movie is pretty crazy. Do we have answers? I do not know. Do we end up with more questions than anything else? Most likely.

All in all, it’s quite a trippy experience. And the argument around the circles is to be retained. If you’re not interested in unanswered questions, you might find this movie extremely boring (and probably frustrating). So don’t bother looking in this case. Still, there is something very interesting about the idea of ​​infinity. And if you watch it, it would be cool to show your newfound knowledge of infinity to your gang of friends.

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