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A mundane and monotonous medieval epic impales the Netflix Top 10

July 3, 2022

Keanu Reeves’ Infamous 47 Ronins is considered one of the worst blockbusters of the last decade, not to mention an all-time high of a box office bomb, so expectations were low enough when it was first revealed that the Japanese tale was loosely adapted again soon after. On the positive side, 2015 Last Knights at least live up to those low standards by being terrible.

A 16% score for Rotten Tomatoes was a disastrous comeback for a historical swordplay adventure that boasted decent talent in the form of Oscar winner Morgan Freeman, alongside Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo and Golden Globe winner Clive Owen, but director Kazuaki Kiriya’s feature film was a boring, dull and dreary work through ancient history was a waste of everyone’s time.