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A horror trilogy whose quality quickly dipped in quality retains unwavering support among fans

October 28, 2022

It seems that Halloween (1978) fans have collectively agreed that the sequel trilogy – which ignores all other franchise entries – went from bad to worse with the final installment, Halloween ends (2022). Debuting in 2018 with the aptly titled Halloweendirector David Gordon Green has sought to reboot the franchise without erasing the continuity of John Carpenter’s ’70s original. Green’s trilogy, which picks up with Strode in his sixties and acts in fear of Michael’s return, causing her to become a drunken recluse.

Three years later, halloween kills (2021) has hacked and cut its way into theaters to continue the planned trilogy. This time, Michael was more violent, more vengeful and more dangerous than ever. In reality, halloween kills is the bloodiest, bloodiest installment in the entire franchise, including lackluster sequels and even Rob Zombie renditions. Then, just this month, Halloween ends completed Green’s sequel, but the reviews were just as shocking as some of the directing decisions. Either way, Redditors are praising the trilogy, even if the rest of the world doesn’t rally to its defense.

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