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A classic fantasy epic swings its sword at streaming glory

June 21, 2022

The blockbuster fantasy is arguably more popular among movie audiences than at any point in history, and the origins of the 21st century fascination with swords and sorcery can be traced back to Peter Jackson. The Lord of the Rings. The genre wasn’t as ubiquitous 20 years ago, leading to Exaclibur to be labeled as something of a disappointment.

Sure, the Arthurian lore tale drew heavy criticism from critics and almost instantly became an enduring cult favorite, but the reactions at the time weren’t quite as enthusiastic. John Boorman’s Tale was only the 18th highest-grossing film of 1981, but Excalibur continues to draw crowds to this day, as evidenced by the fact that it currently sits on the global iTunes chart, according to FlixPatrol.