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10 Movies That Surprisingly Pass The Bechdel Test

January 21, 2023

The Bechdel test is the most popular tool for assessing female representation in film. To be successful, a film must have two named women conversing about something other than a man. It sounds simple, but nearly half of the films surveyed fail. With female favorites like The Lion King, The world of Nemoand Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire failing the test, it’s easy to assume that virtually all “guy movies” are Bechdel bombs. The following films prove otherwise. Let this be a lesson in not judging a movie’s feminism by its girlless cover.

There is no country for old people (2007)

Image via Miramax Films

A film with “men” in its title is not a safe bet to pass the Bechdel. The “old” less. But leave it to the Coen brothers to expertly weave some femininity into the movie equivalent of bloody overalls. Carla Jean is the female lead in this out-of-control plot involving a failed drug deal in Texas and a cattle-gun-wielding hitman, and though she’s often the only woman in the fray, her mother joins in. a bus station squabble over prescription pills. It’s not much, but it matters.

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