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What if…? Who is “The Guardian” from the Disney Plus series?

August 11, 2021

Find out all the information about the character named Uatu, called “The Guardian” in What If…? on Disney Plus!

What if it’s available on Disney Plus! If you want to know who is the guardian, keep reading! Fans get their first official look at Uatu in the television series of Marvel What if …? What if…? is an adaptation of the comics of the same name that first appeared in the 1970s. If you want to know how many episodes the first season will have, read this.

These comics are individual stories imagining what would happen if the main plot points of the superhero never happened or happened differently. The Watchers had previously appeared in the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, though Uatu it was never specifically named. He will be the narrator of this series and will tell the stories of our characters in each episode. We tell you more about Uatu, nicknamed The Guardian in What if…?

Who is The Guardian in What If…?

The Guardian he made his debut in a 1963 Fantastic Four comic, where he is described as “the most dramatic being of all time.” He explains that he comes from an ancient and powerful people whose goal is never to interfere with the calamities he observes.

True to their name, they do “nothing but watch.” Of course, this particular Watcher breaks this rule as soon as he encounters the Fantastic Four, forcing them to fight a dangerous enemy on their moon. He is particularly attached to the Earth and its inhabitants.

Inside What if…? “ from the MCU, The Guardian Also known as Uatu, he is portrayed by Jeffrey Wright. Many fans will recognize his voice in Westworld, The Hunger Games, and upcoming titles like No Time To Die and The Batman.

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What are the powers of Uatu?

Uatu He has a set of psionic and cosmic abilities such as increased cosmic consciousness, allowing him to observe multiple events happening on Earth at the same time, giving him greater scope and perspective.

You can also change your appearance at will, if you want to secretly observe some procedure on Earth. The Guardian He also has other standard cosmic powers such as flight, energy projection / manipulation, and force fields.

You can also see alternate realities and Earths across the multiverse if you wish, although this is a unique ability to Uatu himself, having received permission from the Time Keepers to possess a portal from which he can look and see these other dimensions.

The rest, The Guardian It is practically immortal, its longevity allows it to live in perpetuity until the collapse of the universe, so you can keep recording and observing until you do. However, just because Uatu is immortal does not mean that he is invulnerable.