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The Bad Batch: Who is Omega? Jango clone, new recruit, etc.

May 6, 2021

Find out all the information about Omega, the new recruit of Clone Force 99 in Star Wars The Bad Batch!

Star wars The Bad Batch is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know everything about Omega, keep reading! Audiences can now enjoy four complete and canonized Star Wars animated series, and the arrival of The Bad Batch on Disney + It certainly gave fans the best ever. The hour-long episode not only gave fans a lot to look forward to in terms of what’s to come in the coming months!

The premise of the animated series is for the Bad Batch to become fugitives from the newly formed Galactic Empire. After this episode, a new series of questions arose and, in particular, the one concerning Omega ! Before continuing, if you want to know how many episodes the first season will have, read this. The origin by Omega and the purpose the Kaminoans assigned it will likely remain a mystery throughout the series.

Why are clones different?

Jango Fett’s DNA is now a limited asset following his death by Mace Windu at the end of Episode 2. The Kaminoan cloners were forced to stretch their DNA to continue producing Jango Fett clones. According to Su, this has led to an increase in cases of mutations among cloned soldiers. While minor mutations were not uncommon, some clones, such as the 99, were not assigned combat roles and were assigned maintenance duties on Kamino.

Despite this, 99 had the heroic courage and strategic ingenuity of any other clone, contributing to the Republic’s victory at the Battle of Kamino, even if it cost him his life.

Who is Omega in The Bad Batch?

In the case of The bad lot, the Kaminoans created a small group of clones with intentional mutations, probably seeing the potential for elite units through genetic modification. These clones were essentially super soldiers, with physical and mental characteristics beyond those of any ordinary human. Like the first episode of The bad lot. Omega he was secretly the fifth member of Clone Force 99, his most obvious mutation being that he is a female clone of Jango Fett. To present Omega however, he played a non-combatant role as Nala Se’s medical assistant.

Considering that the other four original clones of the Bad batch They were all intentionally created to be one-man armies. One might wonder why Omega did not receive a combat role. Towards the end of the first episode, Omega She turns out to be an excellent marksman with one of the ubiquitous Star Wars blasters, though she claims to have been untrained for combat.

It could be just luck or a natural gift for arms, but given his legacy as Jango Fett and his upbringing as a soldier. It is possible thatOmega she has undergone some form of unconscious training that she is not aware of. Omega is also much younger than other members of the Bad batch. While it is secretly the fifth elite clone, it may not have undergone the same growth acceleration treatments as most clones.

the bad batch omega

What future does Omega have in the Star Wars series?

All members of the Bad batch received mutations for a specific combat-related reason. The only obvious changes inOmega It appears to be a female version of Jango Fett and does not have a growth spurt. It is possible thatOmega was created as a spy. A female version of Jango might have an easier time infiltrating the Republic, as she would be different enough from the rest of the clones.

The potentially unconscious combat training ofOmega It could be just one of a series of protocols the Kaminoans raised her with, potentially making her one of the most dangerous and unpredictable clones of Jango Fett.

Thanks to the possible lack of growth acceleration, Omega He could also live fully, unlike his siblings, whose life expectancy is sadly only half that of an ordinary human being. The oldest clone troopers were born in 32 BBY, which means that Omega could be in his sixties at the time of the Star Wars trilogy, if he survives the rule of the Empire.

The only known clone to live during the sequel trilogy is Kix, a medic who was placed in suspended animation at the end of the Clone Wars. Whatever the objective and modifications ofOmegaJango Fett’s first female clone is set to play an interesting role in future episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.