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The Bad Batch: What chronology of the series? Sequel to Clone Wars?

May 6, 2021

Discover the timeline of The Bad Batch on Disney +! How long after The Clone Wars?

Star wars The Bad Batch is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know when the series takes place in the Star Wars universe, keep reading! Following the exploits of Clone Force 99, The bad lot features a group of genetically mutated clone troopers, each with a unique set of abilities. Hunter, Tech, Crosshair, Wrecker, and Echo embark on mercenarism in an increasingly dangerous galaxy, encountering familiar faces such as Fennec Shand, Captain Rex, and Wilhuff Tarkin.

The Bad batch debuted in season 7 of The Clone Wars, which takes place a few years later in 19 BBY. Hunter and his gang make their last canon appearance so far in “Unfinished Business,” which also takes place in 19 BBY. These appearances in The Clone Wars narrowly precede the events of Revenge of the Sith. Before continuing, if you want to know how many episodes there will be in season 1 of The Bad Batch, read this.

When does Star Wars: The Bad Batch take place?

Officially, The bad lot takes place during the “dark period” of the imperial era. This is the period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope (0 BBY), during which the Empire was unleashed without encountering opposition. More precisely, The bad lot comes to the end of this period’s prequel trilogy, beginning with Order 66’s final moments in Revenge of the Sith and dealing with the direct consequences. This would place The bad lot at the end of 19 BBY, around 18 BBY.

Even if The bad lot will inevitably focus on the Clone Force 99. His position in the star wars timeline offers many possibilities for new and exciting stories. The bad lot It will certainly have another perspective on Order 66, and it may refer to the Inquisitors’ hunt for the last Jedi. There’s also the transition from clones to Imperial Stormtroopers, which can be told in more detail than ever before in a visual medium.

What’s more, Star Wars: The Bad Lot takes place at a time when Darth Vader walks in all his glory. Where Palpatine tightens his grip even more and the hope of resistance is just a glint in the eyes of the rebels. A fascinating moment for Clone Force 99.

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When does The Bad Batch take place compared to the end of The Clone Wars?

The story of The bad lot continues in the early days of the Galactic Empire. Focusing again on the clones and what is happening in his homeworld Kamino. These events are likely to come after Ahsoka and Rex’s last appearance in The Clone Wars, their moonrise where Ahsoka laid down her lightsaber shortly after Order 66 was given. However, it is assumed that the Clone Wars season 7 final scene, where Darth Vader visits the moon and discovers Ahsoka’s abandoned saber, takes place several months later. Which puts her further into the future than Season 1 Episode 1 of The bad lot.

As the The Bad Batch season 1 progressing, this scene from Vader is sure to be overshadowed. And it’s even possible that the Sith Lord will appear in an upcoming episode. Admiral Tarkin is already playing an important role in The bad lot, and as Clone Force 99 roams the galaxy, they are sure to meet other characters from this Star Wars era.

The return of Captain Rex, for example, is confirmed, and given the closeness of the two series, it would not be surprising if he was not the only other character in The clone wars To appear.