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The Bad Batch Season 1: Ending Explained! Cloning, crosshair, etc.

August 13, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 1 of The Bad Batch on Disney Plus! What does the work of Nala Se, Crosshair, etc. mean?

Star wars The Bad Batch is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! When we learned that Star Wars: The Bad Lot it was the next animated adventure Lucasfilm was going to bring to fans, the excitement was understandably high. After all, the titular Clone Squad left most fans in awe after their debut in The Clone Wars, making a series about them in a post-Republican world seemed like a no-brainer.

While Star Wars devotees have made no secret of their displeasure, it is clear that season 1 was a huge success, and it even managed to land before the season 2 train left the station. To learn all about the season 2 launch, read this.

Episode 15, “Return to Kamino,” was as moving as it was informative. Clone Force 99 embarked on a new rescue mission, this time in search of Hunter, who had fallen into the custody of the Empire in the previous episode, “War-Mantle.” They released their brother with relative ease, but soon found themselves face to face with their loyal foreign Imperial brother, Crosshair.

He revealed that he had been freed from his Chip Chip for some time and only wanted to reunite with his family under the Empire, but their conversation was interrupted by the destruction of Kamino’s capital, Tipoca City. If you have any questions about The Clone Wars season 1 finale, keep reading!

The end of the age of the Clones

The city of Kamino is destroyed by the Empire, and although Admiral Rampart does not begin bombarding the city until he believes that Crosshair has lost control of the situation, it is likely that he still intends to launch a planetary bombardment. The Kaminoan city has only existed as long as it was useful to the Empire, and the Empire destroys it rather than allowing someone else to use its facilities.

This episode, more than any other in Star Wars: The Bad Lot, demonstrates the true brutal nature of the Empire. He foreshadows the countless atrocities to be committed by the Empire, culminating in the construction of not one but two Death Stars.

But keep in mind that at this point, while the atrocities began only a few months after Star Wars 3, they still take place in the shadows, in worlds that most people don’t know exist, for people who are far away. of the worlds. Central Coruscant, Corellia and Alderaan.

Nala Se’s Cloning Link to The Mandalorian and Star Wars 9

The Empire seems to care for only one Kaminoenne: Nala Se, the chief medical scientist who ran the cloning program. She is forcibly escorted to an Imperial facility, where she will work with the Empire to ensure that cloning knowledge is not lost to the Empire.

This deliberately establishes The Mandalorian, which revealed that Imperial Cloning Techs, like Dr. Pershing, were still using Kaminoan logos. Pershing wore the same uniform as the scientists at the facility Nala Se was sent to. It’s all connected in Star Wars, and a subtle Mandalorian mystery has been partially explained.

Nala’s work will ultimately lead to attempts to clone Grogu in The Mandalorian, the Strandcast who is Supreme Leader Snoke in the trilogy, and the cloning of Palpatine himself, the Emperor having survived his death in The Return of the Jedi by moving. his spirit to a cloned body created in Exegol’s Sith stronghold.

His fate in The Bad Batch is therefore an essential setting for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, when the Emperor returns to threaten the galaxy once again, as he provides the key link to how the Empire came into being. secrets of cloning to allow his return.

Why is Crosshair still with the Empire?

Ultimately, however, Crosshair chooses the side of the Empire. Even after they literally tried to kill him for failing. He sincerely believes in the fascist mission of the Empire and that the galactic order is worth all costs. But it will certainly be fascinating to see if Kamino’s destruction shook his sense of self worth, as he previously believed that mutant clones would be one of the Empire’s greatest assets.

And now he is aware that they were ready to get rid of him without a second thought. However, there is a hint that his story is not over yet, as Crosshair saves Omega when he doesn’t need him, and he worries about Hunter’s reminder that he will never be a number for the Empire and not a complete individual.

the bad batch season 1 finale

Bad Batch season 1 ending explained

The ending of Kamino Lost involves The Bad Batch season 1 finale. The entire team survived as well as Crosshair, Vice Admiral Rampart continues to implement Project War-Mantle, Kamino is in ruins, and the galaxy is increasingly divided. So with those elements in mind, where could the impending second season of The Bad Batch take us and its characters? It is very likely to go in some relative directions, given the configuration of the Star Wars universe.

Chances are high that Clone Force 99 will continue his work for Cid, but it’s no exaggeration to say that his experience on Kamino changed his outlook on life. Perhaps, as Rex and the Syndulla family have mentioned in previous weeks, it’s time for Batch to start actively opposing the Empire and its growing influence.

It could mean meeting up with other Rebel leaders, rescuing other clones from their inhibitor chips, or even engaging in hand-to-hand combat against the Imperials. The possibilities are almost endless.