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The Bad Batch Episode 2: When is the Disney Plus release date and time?

May 4, 2021

Find out all the information about episode 2 of Star Wars The Bad Batch on Disney +! Date and time of departure, etc.

Star wars The Bad Batch is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know When will episode 2 be released?, keep reading! It’s May 4th and Disney + has given you a truly amazing gift! The launch of a new Star Wars animated series. Star Wars: The Bad Lot is the sequel to the highly influential animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but will be based on the four corners of Star Wars canon. As well as focusing on a motley crew of badass clones. The series will see classic characters like Grand Moff Tarkin appear and new favorites like Fennec Shand from The Mandalorian.

If you’ve ever watched the exceptional 70-minute debut episode, you might want to know when Star Wars The Bad Batch episode 2 will arrive on Disney plus, we tell you everything! Before continuing, if you want to know the number of episodes of the series, read this.

bad batch episode 2

What is the release date and time of episode 2 of The Bad Batch on Disney Plus?

The first episode was released on May 4 in honor of Star Wars Day. You won’t have to wait long for more action. The Bad Batch episode 2 release date It has been set for May 7, 2021 on Disney Plus! For the most impatient who want to know what time it will premiere. Bad Batch episode 2 release time was set at 9:01 am on Disney Plus in Spain !