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Simpsons season 33: when to launch Disney Plus?

October 21, 2021

Discover all the information about the launch of season 33 of The Simpsons on Disney Plus! Release date, renewal, etc.

The Simpsons is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know when season 33 premieres, keep reading! With the arrival of the last season of Simpson on Disney +, The streaming service offers more than 700 episodes of the series!

This milestone was marked by a video, as a one-minute promotional clip was uploaded to celebrate the occasion. The longest running animated television series in US history saw its 32nd season on stage with its predecessors on the digital platform, bringing the total number of episodes to 705.

Emphasizing the fact that Disney + The only service to offer the complete collection of Matt Groening’s seminal creation, the teaser features clips from the series and short, clear headlines. To commemorate the event, the broadcaster allows each user to choose one of eight custom avatars to update their profile with, including Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Krusty The Clown, Ralph Wiggum, and Dr. Hibbert. If you have completed the 22 new episodes of The Simpsons, we will tell you all about it Season 33 of The Simpsons released on Disney Plus!

What is the release date of season 33 of The Simpsons on Disney Plus?

Season 32 was just released on October 20, 2021 on Disney Plus in its entirety. We are also pleased to announce that The Simpsons have been renovated to Seasons 33 and 34. The series continues to be a hit on Fox and season 33 has also started airing one episode per week. About The Simpsons season 33 release date on Disney Plus, no official announcement has yet been made.

However, the new episodes should arrive like every year a few weeks after the end of the broadcast on Fox. In light of this, the Simpsons season 33 release date It should be scheduled for the end of October 2023 on Disney Plus!

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What can we expect from the future? Spoilers!

The premiere of the Simpsons season 33 it will be a musical episode with several original songs. The title of the premiere apparently appears as “The star behind the scenes” and appears to have carried the working title “Without a day, but yesterday.”

Fans can also look forward to a possible return of Apu’s character. Apu has been a source of controversy in recent years, as there was concern that it would perpetuate unhelpful Indian stereotypes. However, Fox might have found a way to use it again. Despite Azaria’s removal from the role, Apu could very well return.

The third episode of season 33 of The Simpsons, titled “Treehouse of Horror XXXII,” will feature a new edition of the show’s annual Halloween special. This particular episode will have five segments this time instead of the usual three. One such segment would parody “Parasite,” the South Korean film directed by Bong Joon-ho, which won the Best Picture award at the Oscars in 2020.