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Only murders in the building Episode 9: Explanation of the ending!

October 19, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of episode 9 of Only Murders In The Building on Disney Plus!

Only Murders In The Building is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know the explanation of the end of episode 9, keep reading! Episode 9 It begins with confirming that Jan is still alive and that she will be taken to the hospital. Charles takes her home and takes care of her. He has an upcoming concert where he plays music as part of a band and wants to perform despite Charles’s concern.

Charles wonders if Jan should mention his Howard theory to the police: a murder has been solved, but not Tim Kono’s. Charles thinks he should leave the podcast group because Jan means a lot to him. But he doesn’t have time to think because his double Saz makes his appearance. To find out when Episode 10 will be released, read this.

In the podcast, the group should clarify that it did not solve the murder mystery of Tim Kono, it was not Teddy and Theo. The residents of the building are now fed up with them. The others are alarmed by the resemblance of Charle’s waterfall as she delves into her murder theories.

Saz says they need a mobile, and Jan is upset that they let her help them when they kicked her out of the group. Saz thinks that if they find out who Tim’s lover is, they will find the killer. If you want to know the explanation of the end of episode 9, keep reading!

just murders in the building episode 9 finale

Explanation of the end of episode 9 of Only Murders In the Building

After talking to Tim’s neighbor, it is confirmed that Tim was dating a woman. Eventually, they find a bassoon cleaner among Tim’s sex toys, which seems to confirm that Jan was dating Tim before she died. However, it is unclear why she would have killed Tim if she was in love with him.

From the newly acquired knowledge, we can deduce that Jan lied to Charles about her professional and personal life. His particular interest in solving the mystery of Tim’s death also gives credence to the idea that Jan is trying to sabotage the investigation.

Stabbing yourself is precisely the kind of thing a suspect would do to avoid being a suspect. While Jan does not have a clear motive for killing Tim, it is possible that her reasons were due to some of the mental health issues she told Charles about on their first date.

At this point, there are some pretty compelling arguments and circumstantial evidence pointing to Jan as Tim’s killer. However, the show has a reputation for providing red herrings, and Jan might not be the killer after all. Plus, the fact that the killer has a personal connection to Tim is exactly the twist this mystery needs to end on a satisfying note. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that Jan is Tim’s killer.