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Mushoku Tensei Episode 15: What date and time of Wakanim’s release?

October 19, 2021

Find out all the information about episode 15 of Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation! Date and time of departure from Wakanim, etc.

Mushoku Tensei is available in Wakanim! If you want to know everything about episode 15, keep reading! Based on a series of Japanese light novels written and illustrated by Rifujin na Magonote, scabies is one of the most popular in recent years! To get the manga, click here. Otherwise, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

The journey to the Demon Continent begins in episode 15, with Rudy being captured by demonic beings. They strip him naked and lock him behind bars. Rudy wonders why they had to do this to him and they give him a strange meal.

The second part of Jobless Reincarnation reveals Rudy and his friends as they embark on various adventures. We saw Rudy behind bars trying to escape in the last episode of Mushoku Tensei, But you have learned that security is tighter. Rudy wonders if God will hear his prayers and find a way to escape.

One of the demon beasts splashes Rudy with water, and Rudy tries to explain, but they refuse to listen. Demonic beasts love to eat fruits and the animal they have captured. Rudy thinks that it is not normal for a human to eat such food, but he cannot afford to go hungry.

After observing everything around him, Rudy decides to wait for Ruijerd and Eris to come looking for him. In the afternoon, the same demonic lady returns to feed Rudy. But Rudy is worried, they never heard it.

The results are always the same since they throw food at him and cut him with water. Rudy wonders what is taking them so long and thinks they may have been involved in the fight. But no one can beat them, and he can wait a day or two without making a mistake, and the two of them will come and save her …

He also tries to cast magic on the lock, but realizes that he is in the middle of the forest and that it is better to wait. The next day, nothing changed for him and he saw another man arrested. We tell you all about him Mushoku Tensei Episode 15 Released on Wakanim!

What release date and time of episode 15 of Mushoku Tensei in Wakanim?

the Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Episode 15 Release Date was set for October 24, 2021 the Wakanim. For the most impatient who want to know What time will the episode be released?. Mushoku Tensei Episode 15 Release Time Reincarnation without work was established at 6pm in Wakanim in Spain!

mushoku tensei episode 15

What can we expect from the future? Spoilers!

In episode 3 of season 2, after being captured by two beastmen, Rudeus is taken to the town of Doldia, where he is imprisoned alongside a thug named Geese. While the villagers think they have captured their enemies. The real smugglers suddenly surround and attack the village in hopes of kidnapping more beastchildren.

As a violent battle breaks out, Rudeus and Geese use the opportunity to break free and help the villagers fight off enemies. As they manage to defeat most of their opponents, the leader of the smuggling ring, Gallus, suddenly appears.

Rudeus immediately realizes that he cannot defeat the enemy on his own, until the Holy Beast arrives to help him, and they manage to put an end to this gruesome fight. The protagonist soon reunites with Eris and Ruijerd, who helped the Doldians get rid of the smugglers.

The villagers finally realize they made a big mistake and apologize to their new friends. Within Mushuoku Tensei episode 15, Rudeus will continue his journey and might stumble upon an old enemy who has been searching for him for a while.