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Luca Pixar: Is Luca gay? Alberto & Lucas explanation!

June 21, 2021

Find out if Luca from the Pixar movie Luca on Disney Plus is gay!

Luca is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know if Luca is gay, keep reading! Against the backdrop of a wonderful Italian summer, Luca is a coming-of-age movie that follows the main character, who is a boy but also a sea monster. To find out if a sequel will emerge, read this.

One day, he discovers that he transforms into a human as soon as he gets out of the water, opening up a whole new world for him. Luca and his best friend, the sea monster, Alberto, are having an incredible summer on dry land with their human friend Giulia. However, Luca and Alberto must keep their identity a secret as the coastal town of Portorosso does not like sea monsters.

Exposing your true identity could put them in danger. So we understand why the animated movie made people wonder if Luca it would not be a homosexual love story. We tell you everything if you want to know if Luca is gay or not !

luca disney gay

Luca is gay?

Technically, the answer is no. Luca is not gay. However, while Disney has not officially stated that Luca and Alberto are gayWe believe that the great minds at Pixar wanted the plot of the film to be a general metaphor for homosexuality and acceptance. Leaving aside the “suspect” factor, Luca is essentially the story of two children who must hide who they really are to protect themselves from potential harm, negative reactions, and judgments. The humans around Luca and Alberto are afraid of those who are different, and this leads to interesting and empowering descriptions of confusion and self-discovery.

What’s more, Luca and Alberto having a lovable relationship, filled with acceptance, support, and genuine affection for one another, which could very well be the beginning of the timeless friend-to-lover trope we all know and love. So even though no character in Luca has not been identified by Disney as gay, We can very well interpret the subtext, metaphors and visual evidence present in the film as a subtle representation of an emerging homosexual relationship, as well as an allegory of homosexuality in today’s world.