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Loki: Who is the remaining / Kang the conqueror? Actor, comics, etc.

July 14, 2021

Find out all the information about The One Who Remains / Kang the Conqueror! Actor, powers, etc.

Loki is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know who is the one who remains alias Kang the Conqueror, keep reading! Loki season 1 finale revealed The one that remains as the main villain of the series played by Jonathan Majors. As promised in the penultimate release, Loki and Sylvie got to the bottom of the mystery of creating the IVA. It wasn’t long before Loki unmasked the being pulling the strings behind the curtain, and as many had predicted, it’s about Kang the conqueror or at least one version of it. To find out when season 2 will be released, read this. We tell you all about The one who dwells in Loki !

Where have you seen Kang’s actor before?

The end of Loki unmasked The one that remains who is played by Jonathan Majors. The 31-year-old actor’s first big role was as real-life gay activist Ken Jones in When We Rise in 2017. That same year, he also appeared on the big screen in Hostiles. In 2018, Majors continued to build their portfolio of films, starring White Boy Rick and Out of Blue. That said, it was in 2019 that the actor began to really break into the mainstream market.

He quickly rose to fame after starring in the 2019 film The Last Black Man in San Francisco. In 2020, he starred in Spike Lee’s Netflix war drama Da 5 Bloods. Jonathan Majors also landed the role of Atticus Freeman on the HBO series Lovecraft Country, which is arguably what he knows best so far.

Who is it that remains in the comics?

In the comics The one that remains is a very different character. The last of his race, he understood that the universe existed in a cycle of death and rebirth. He first emerged as the creator of a group known as the Time-Twisters, whose goal was to impart knowledge from one universe to another, but which proved to be a terrifying force of destruction.

The one that remains became the founder of TVA, which he uses to attempt to control the timeline, with mixed success. The MCU version of The One Who Remains has some similarities to the comic book version, as it resides in an End Times Citadel, but has been combined with a completely different character.

The story told in Episode 6 by Kang and His Variants fits well with the comics, where Alioth is a creature that feeds on the temporal energy of living things and has effectively consumed entire parliaments of Kangs. Victorious over all his enemies, The one that remains he created the TVA, ostensibly to prevent another multiverse war, but probably also to preserve his own power base.

loki the one that remains

What are the powers of Kang the Conqueror?

In the comics Kang the conqueror He is typically portrayed as a warlord born in the 30th century in a timeline where Earth never entered the Middle Ages. His story is puzzling, more “timey-wimey” than any episode of Doctor Who, precisely because Kang has a habit of traveling through his own life to rewrite his personal history. Because its past and future hinder each other, it is essentially a living paradox, a temporary event of creation and destruction.

Ironically, although Kang insists that he is a conqueror by definition, he has no real free will, as he wrote his own past, trapping himself and suppressing freedom of choice. Kang’s center of power is in the city of Chronopolis, which is located in a timeless realm called Limbo. It’s dominated by the Kang Citadel, and it’s possible to get lost in Chronopolis forever unless you find the hidden portals connecting the different blocks.

Exceptional scientific genius, Kang the conqueror He accomplished feats of time travel that few others could imagine, and his mastery of practical and theoretical science surpasses that of any scientific superhero in the comics. Because Kang travels through time with impunity, he has access to almost every weapon ever created.

And he is known to have deployed weapons such as neutrino beams, nerve gases, “vibrating beam” projectors, and even possess rare artifacts like the Cosmic Cube that allow him to rewrite reality at will. Kang the conqueror He is known for wearing battle armor that is beyond anything Iron Man could create, and that is designed to allow him to summon his unimaginable arsenal of weapons with a snap of his fingers.