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Loki: What is VAT? Infinity Stones, Guardians of Time, etc.

June 9, 2021

Discover the role of VAT in the MCU! Possession of Infinity Stones, Guardians of Time, etc.

Loki is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know what VAT, keep reading! The franchise has hidden a force more formidable than anything ever made before: the VAT or acronym for Time variation authority.. The first episode of Loki proves that TVA is the most powerful entity the MCU has to offer, even going so far as to say that it renders the Infinity Stones useless.

If the indifferent attitude towards an Infinity Stone is not enough to impress, Loki is quickly introduced to some gadgets from the VAT. During the treatment, another variant makes a scene, and this prompts one of the agents to disintegrate him with a baton. Loki decides to follow the line after witnessing the death of his colleague, but his mood quickly changes after Agent Mobius vouches for him during his trial. To learn everything about Agent Mobius, read this.

Is VAT more powerful than Infinity Stones?

During Episode 1, Loki also makes a shocking discovery: the Tesseract is just one of the countless Infinity Stones in possession of the VAT. As Casey explains, the VAT More than anything else, it collects different versions of gems, so much so that many agents use them as a clipboard. Since the gems have the same power that Loki tried to use to conquer Earth. Loki realizes that the bureaucratic office-like building he finds himself in is the most powerful entity in the universe.

This revelation flips a switch in Loki’s head. While he was initially reluctant to cooperate, he now understands that TVA may offer him control of the sacred timeline. It remains to be seen if this version of the God of Mischief will undergo the same evolution as its predecessor, but if it’s power you’re after, you’ve put yourself in a good position by working with the TVA.

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What is VAT?

In the comics, TVA is an expansive bureaucratic-type organization that exists outside of time and space and oversees all realities in the multiverse of the Marvel Universe. The IVA follows all these realities and tries to limit time-related interference as much as possible.

He also has the power to stop, reset, prune, and completely erase realities if he deems them too dangerous for the main timeline. In the MCU, the VAT erase the timeline branches to avoid creating other realities and timelines, so if they don’t, the multiverse could be created accordingly.

Who are the Guardians of Time?

In the series, the VAT they are, in short, the guardians and protectors of the main timeline. They take steps to remove all branches from the timeline, for which they arrest Loki, which is what they call a “variant”. To find out the identity of the variant at the end of Episode 1, read this.

The beings in charge of VAT in Loki are the Time Keepers of mysterious and divine beings who create and control the timeline. In the comics, however, the Guardians of Time were created by Him Who Remains, the last director of the VAT, just before the death of the universe. The Time Keepers were created to protect and maintain time.