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Loki Season 1: Who is the “Loki Woman” variant of the series? Powers of attorney, etc.

June 17, 2021

Discover the identity of the variant of Loki that TVA is chasing on Disney Plus! Powers of attorney, name, etc.

Loki is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know who is this “Loki woman”, keep reading! As the third series in MCU Phase 4, Loki introduces several new elements to arguably the most popular film franchise of all time and effectively and exponentially expands its reach, at least in science fiction terms. To know everything about the launch of Episode 3, read this.

In episode 1, the story begins when Loki escapes with the Tesseract and creates a rebellious variant of himself. This leads to the introduction of the Time Variance Authority, an all-powerful bureaucratic organization that watches over the timeline under the leadership of three enigmatic entities known as the Time Keeper. We later learn that Loki has a loophole, as he must cooperate to help TVA catch a variant of himself. We see his face at the end of episode 2, but who is this?wife Loki“?

Who is the “Loki Woman”?

In the comics Lady Loki is created as a result of Ragnarok and the destruction of Asgard. As deaths from the comics rarely last, the spirits of the inhabitants of Asgard meet in the bodies of new hosts on Earth, and Loki takes the body of a woman.

While the variant is obviously a separate body from Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, she is still Loki and should have her powers. The MCU has already done Loki’s gender fluidity canon, supporting the idea that the variant simply chose to present itself differently.

What are its powers?

In the comics, like Lady Loki and Loki are the same entity, their powers are the same, just like their first origins. This makes claims that the Variant is superior to Loki a bit confusing in the Disney + series, but the MCU changes the logic in Episode 2 by suggesting that each Variant comes with its own distinct set of powers and appearance.

The difference is immediately apparent, though Lady Loki has Loki’s traditional love for swords. She is clearly strong and very talented in combat, but she has yet to show that she is capable of projecting illusions or multiplying herself. Which Loki has shown throughout the MCU, but has similar mind control powers. This is where the most tangible difference in Loki’s powers lies thus far, as Loki’s version of mind control appears to be suggestion and manipulation.

But that of Lady Loki involves total possession that can be passed from victim to victim without direct contact from Lady Loki herself. This immediately makes the range of his powers more impressive and lends weight to the claim of his superiority.

loki wife

Who really is the “Loki Woman”?

In Loki episode 2, there is also a great clue showing that Lady Loki He is not who he seems to be. In fact, there are two. First, the mind control powers of Lady Loki, which is so different from the MCU version of the God of Mischief, suggests that she is a completely different character. That would at least explain why the power is so noticeably different. And to top it all, the Spanish version of the show’s credits says Sophia Di Martino’s character is called Sylvie, which, combined with the power of mind control, suggests she’s actually playing a version of Enchantress. From Marvel.

Sylvie Lushton, created by Loki in the comics, is a prodigiously powerful New Yorker who has been given powers by the God of Mischief that she uses in her own projects. She was inspired by the original Sorceress (Amora), who was traditionally one of Thor’s greatest enemies, although the young woman aspired to become a young Avenger.