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Loki Episode 6 Season 1: Ending Explained! Post-credits scene, etc.

July 14, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 1 of Loki in Disney Plus! Kang the conqueror, the one left

Loki is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the Season 1, keep reading! Of course it’s sad that the show takes away end with the release of episode 6. However, the creators cleverly charted the course of Marvel’s Phase 4 with Loki, and fans are now eager to see how things turn out for the God of Mischief in the MCU.

In the credits we see normal shots of the VAT headquarters. After that, you can see a text that says “Loki will return in season 2”, but other than that, there is nothing crucial in the credits that you should celebrate. We tell you all about the launch of season 2 here. If you want to discover the explanation of the end of season 1 of Loki on Disney Plus, keep reading!

What happens at the end of Loki episode 6?

The one who is impressed. The one that remains. He created and controls everything, apparently, and he wants to give these two a bargain – they can re-insert themselves into the timeline in a way that doesn’t interrupt things, although interruption seems like a pretty subjective concept. It’s a compelling argument anyway. How would you like to win the Battle of New York? How about killing Thanos? Take the throne of Asgard? To Sylvie: How would you like to wake up tomorrow with a lifetime of happy memories? How would you both like to be together on the timeline? The life they always wanted! Well, for a few episodes, anyway.

The next time we see Miss Minutes in Loki episode 6, she delivers files to Ravonna Renslayer, and not the ones she requested, apparently. “He” thinks they will be more useful. The one that remains. But, as Sylvie says when we return to the Citadel, not for long.

The one left is… Jonathan Majors. Kang the Conqueror, shown in a robe, chewing on an apple, but a brief teleportation episode when the Lokis attempt to kill him shows that he is not the normal type that he claims to be. But we take our time with him, so we head back to TVA headquarters, where Mobius confronts Ravonna. He tries to call one of the Minutemen to back him up, but it turns out the B-15 fighter is back in Fremont, Ohio since 2018, where Ravonna is a humble school teacher who has no idea what’s going on. It appears that B-15 is showing other TVA employees that they have served them fiction.

The problem with Loki and Sylvie is that they tell them the truth. What they thought was their great act of rebellion against the Timeline was actually a prearranged path, a path traced by Kang, who has a book full of scripts for whatever happens. This is why he can get out of the way every time they try to kill him. This is how you know where they have been, what they have been through, why you are aware of the quiet and intimate moments they have shared. He has seen it all. He knows everything. And everything he wrote must happen. And now that?

loki season 1 ending explanation

Loki Season 1 Ending Explained

At the end of Loki episode 6, Sylvie kills He Who Remains. With no one at the helm to keep the timeline stable, the branches begin to form. When he dies, the one who remains tells Sylvie that “he will see her again soon.” This is clearly a nod to the versions of himself that are now about to be released. Expect to see an evil version of Whoever Stays in the next MCU media. Kang the Conqueror seems to be the next big thing.

Meanwhile, Loki returns to VAT. However, it is not recognized by Mobius and the Timekeeper statues have been replaced by One Who Remains. Obviously, Loki has been sent to another timeline where a different version of VAT exists. It is unclear what this means for the character.

It is also important to mention that Mobius was never able to fly a jet ski, although his survival means that it is a possibility in the future! In other Loki news, it turns out that the God of Joy may have survived his death in Infinity War at the hands of Thanos. That is how.