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Helstrom Season 1: Disney Plus Series Ending Explained!

April 15, 2021

Discover the explanation for the finale of Helstrom season 1 on Disney Plus!

Helstrom has arrived at Disney Plus Star in Spain! If you want the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! The ending begins twenty years ago. Daimon feels lonely and thinks about jumping off a bridge. Memories race through his head as he leans over the edge. When he jumps, a strange force makes him levitate. And ironically, it landed in the water with a little splash.

Daimon is presumed dead today and the establishment wants to take him to the morgue. As for Gabriella, Victoria and Louise save her from the priest. Another demon walks in and the Guardian stabs him straight in the chest. When the Guardian is about to be impaled by a pit of fire, Louise intervenes. She ends up in the ambulance and the guard struggles to hold back tears. Before continuing, if you want to know everything about a possible Season 2, read this. We tell you all about Helstrom season 1 finale !

Helstrom’s Season 1 Ending Explained on Disney Plus

The Helstrom season 1 ends with a team almost united and more united than ever. Victoria Helstrom frees herself from her demonic baggage and can express her gratitude to her children. Daimon and Ana are also on the same page. And the Helstrom she finally welcomed Daimon and Ana’s adoptive parents, Louise Hastings, and the caregiver into the family. But there are some people who are cold to the Helstroms.

One such outsider is Gabriella, who hung up her outfit and joined the Blood organization. Let’s say she didn’t like being captured and forced to give birth to a new container for the demon mother. Another stranger is Chris, Ana’s former business partner, who broke into Helstrom’s property and kidnapped the newborn / recipient.

helstrom season 1 finale

A month later, we see Chris and a boy getting ready to board a ferry. We learn that he is the son of Gabriella and Daimon, who has grown several years in a few weeks. This makes sense considering that Gabriella went from zero to nine months pregnant in one day. But Chris is not the only person who loves the boy. A new player played by former X-Files Mitch Pileggi approaches them.

The child recognizes him immediately and calls him “dad.” He asks her real name, to which she replies “Lily.” He then takes Lily away from Chris, causing the humans around him to drop dead with his supernatural power. Who is this mysterious man? It is very likely that this is the father of Ana and Daimon. And since Helstrom is called the “son of Satan” in the comics, it seems obvious that Pileggi is playing that role.