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Disney + news for the week of August 13, 2021

August 13, 2021

We hope you don’t have anything planned this week, because the famous streaming platform has added a lot of new features. If you are currently missing a series, look no further, the American streamer has uploaded many new fictions such as Star Wars: Ewoks, for fans of the cult movie saga or even Léo Matteï, miners brigade, a French series. There will also be the publication of several very classic films such as Walt Street Y Scary movie 4.

The Disney + news program (August 13-19, 2021)

Series category:

Criminal Minds: Suspicious Behavior – Season 1: This is a detective story that follows a new team of FBI profilers.

Love in the Air – Season 1

Vintage Star Wars: Clone Wars – Season 1

Star Wars: Ewoks – Seasons 1-2

Les Chamois – Seasons 1 to 2 : French series, in which two young lovebirds cannot live their love in broad daylight because their parents hate each other.

Vintage Star Wars: Droids – Seasons 1-2

Tyrant – Seasons 1-3 : Barry, exiled in the United States, returns to his family for his nephew’s wedding in his native country, the Middle East, not suspecting that he will be forced to stay there.

Léo Matteï, minors brigade – Seasons 1 to 7: Series that follows the adventures of Léo Matteï, a police commander, within the Brigade of Minors in Paris.

Diary of a Future President – Season 2

Grown-ish – Season 3

Great Getaways – Season 10

Movies Category:

Ewoks: the Battle of Endor

financial world

The house of happiness

Princess Malabar

Growing up in the animal world

Darker Minds: Rebellion

Scary movie 4

The caravan of courage

The story of the faithful Wookiee, shorts

Documentary category:

On the roads of history