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American Horror Stories Episode 8: When to launch Disney Plus?

October 21, 2021

Find out all the information about the release of episode 8 of American Horror Stories on Disney Plus! Date and time of departure, etc.

American Horror Stories is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know When will episode 8 be released? keep reading! American Horror Stories Episode 8 you will see President Eisenhower forced to make a decision the aliens would like. But in the same way, how it would affect the rest of humanity is something we must consider.

We had probably seen a shadow of the same in the future when it affected a group of teenagers. So this is what happens, the series takes us back to the past and present being inspired by real paranormal events involving the question of the existence of aliens and UFOs.

In 1954, we saw humanity fall into an extraordinary plane accompanied by an inhuman body. President Eisenhower assisted in investigating the case and also found a woman. She told her version of the kidnapping and the Inhuman Corps attacked in its own way.

The script only says that the president is looking at something that is not within the reach of humans. So what is it? How will this affect humanity in the future? If you want to know everything about him American Horror Stories Episode 8 Released on Disney Plus, keep reading!

What release date and time of episode 8 of American Horror Stories on Disney Plus?

American Horror Stories Episode 8 Release Date was set for October 27, 2021 the Disney plus. For the most impatient who want to see the episode as soon as it is published. American Horror Stories Episode 8 Release Time was established at 9:01 am on Disney Plus in Spain.

american horror stories episode 8

What can we expect from the future? Spoilers!

The official synopsis of American Horror Stories episode 8 It says, “The president struggles with the morality of a deal he has to make.” “

In the last episode, titled “Take me to your leader,” we were taken to Alberquerque, New Mexico, in 1954 to explore the arrival of an unidentified plane and the alleged possession of a boy and his mother. The episode continues to this day, where a group of friends are faced with a strange slaughter of cows.