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American Horror Stories Episode 7: Explanation of the end!

October 21, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 1 of American Horror Stories on Disney Plus!

American Horror Stories is available on Disney Plus! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! American horror stories It wrapped up its first season this week, and I have to say, it wasn’t all that we hoped for. To find out when season 2 will be released, read this.

Instead of taking the opportunity to give us fresh new stories, almost half the season by American Horror Stories He dedicated himself to … Murder House. It’s an iconic season of the original series, but I personally didn’t see the point in making it part of this one. In addition to this, the end of season 1 It was boring and disappointing to say the least.

To my surprise, we had not one but two cast members from Fuller House, which made the whole experience even weirder. They went from healthy to … well, you know. The entire episode was, from start to finish, a true season-centric experience of Murphy’s Murder House. We tell you all about him American Horror Stories Season 1 ends!

Explanation of the end of episode 7 of American Horror Stories

After the events of the video game “Game Over”, Rory ends the game in the real world and asks his mother what happened to the ghosts of Murder House after the last level of the game. When Rory finishes the game, his character burns Murder House with all the ghosts inside, leaving many spirits to leave the property, stay in the property that was converted into a condo, or escape to the rest of the world.

While viewers are led to believe that all the Murder House events in the American Horror Stories Season Finale They were only contained in the video game, Beau Langdon’s red ball can be seen rolling across the floor of Michelle’s home, which is a long way from the Murder House property he was trapped on.

After Rory completes the Murder House video game, the two men go looking for food while wondering what happened to the spirits in the house after it was burned in the game. A few seconds later, the camera moves under a chair, where Beau Langdon’s signature red ball can be seen rolling before the screen turns black.

It could mean that what happened in the game was translated into real life, much like the fictional movie Rabbit. Beau’s bullet could also mean that all the events of the episode actually happened and Michelle simply turned her experience into a video game. In this case, Michelle would still be a ghost, she simply chose to escape into the world to be with Rory, as Beau apparently chose to do.

american horror stories season 1 finale

What was true?

The difference between what was simulated in the Escape From Murder House game and what was real in Michelle and Rory’s lives is not always clear. It seems that the only real parts of American Horror Stories episode 7 They happen when Rory and Michelle are in their own home.

In “Game Over”, the scene in which the opening sequence turns out to be where Rory is playing a video game, the discussion that occurs between Rory and Michelle to understand the content of the series, Michelle watching the series taking notes and the La Final scene in which Rory finishes the game and they go to get some food can be interpreted as real.