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Zombieland Saga Revenge Episode 11: Release Date, Preview, and Recap

June 12, 2021

The Saga joined after a long time without putting on a show. Kotara gets excited and comments that they call it the Zombieland Saga project, honey. The Zombieland Saga Revenge series will end next week after the last episode airs. The daughters of the saga have found a new name after their rebirth. They continue to pursue their dreams of idols entertaining their fans. After putting on an outstanding performance, Yuugiri slapped Kotaro for not supporting the girls and letting Zombieland Saga fall apart.

The girls told Kotaro that they were going to go on stage and would fail with his support. They also said that everything is fine when they are together and like Franchouchou. Kotaro realizes that they looked crazy when they started the Zombieland Saga project, but now they are successful. Remember the day you announced the deadline for this project. People thought the zombies were dead and their rivals realized that the girls were resurrected as zombies. Yugiri thinks that even though the girls have nothing else, they have a bright future.

The girls swear that they will return from the bottom and top of the ladder as part of Saga. Even if they get burned in the process, the saga begins. In the morning, the girls reunite and continue to wear their costumes to hide their true identities. It’s January 17, 2019 and it’s been three weeks since Arpino’s concert. Junko and the rest of the Saga girls see the trending item, and Junko comments that the report makes them look amazing. Yugiri comments that Francouchou is not complete without all seven.

Release date of episode 11 of Zombieland Saga Revenge

The premiere date for episode 11 of Zombieland Saga Revenge is June 17, 2021 at 11:30 p.m. JST. You can watch Zombieland Saga Revenge online, on animelab, Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Previously in Episode 10 of Zombieland Saga Revenge

Lily mentions how her debut album came out after the concert, and the album became a one-time hit on the Saga idol scene. Lili also said that the album would have killed fans and ended up calling it a magical success. The girls enjoy reading an article written by Arata Ookoba. Sakura realizes that Arata is the writer who covers the Franchouchou. Ai realizes that Ookoba sometimes has criticism and wonders how they can trust her opinion.

Ai reminds Saki that they shouldn’t be too sure of themselves, as they will eventually make mistakes. Junko suggests that they stay tuned and continue to exercise regularly. Saki supports Junko’s words and says that they will be vigilant so they don’t spoil everything and get thousands of crows. The girls raise their hands and yell “yes”. On January 18, 2019, Kotaro confronts the girls asking how long it will take for them to recover from this Arpino show. Kotaro tells the girls that zombies have no spare time or brains to sit on their laurels.

The girls sit back and relax, Kotaro shows them his schedule. Kotaro reveals that the next concert is near at Stadio Ekimae Fudosan, and they can also call it EFS for short. Sakura wonders where the EFS is. Ai stands up and comments that she has never heard of this stadium before. Saki replies that the name doesn’t matter as there will be thousands of people next time. Ai comments that this will not happen until February.

Ai reveals that the EFS will change its name to become “The best stadium for amenities” in Tou. Ai remembers putting on a show on Tou, and the girls wonder if she’s okay. Kotaro surprises the girls by telling them that the stadium has 25,000 seats. The girls realize that they have to fill the stadium. Junko realizes that the stadium is five times bigger than Arpino’s. Ai heard the girls complaining and yelling that there is no way they can do this.

Kotaro reveals that the show was scheduled for March 8, and the girls are relieved to have a month and a few weeks to prepare. Ai tells Kotaro that it is not Fukuoka and that they are in Saga. Ai also talked about Iron Frill filling up the arena, and it might be too much for them in such a short time. Kotaro scolds the girls and tells them to stop loafing around. Kotaro asks the girls if they are going to tell him that Franchouchou is not as good now as Iron Frill was ten years ago.

Ai realizes that Franchouchou’s daughters have to prove that they are better than Iron Frill. Kotaro tells the girls that each of them is a legend and, without exception, they are all legendary zombies. Saki realizes that Kotaro speaks of legend when he looks at her. Later, Kotaro goes to the bar and talks to his longtime friend. He comments that he is going to avoid the prophecy that his friend told him and realizes that Saga will face an explosive threat.