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When will Kingdom chapter 683 be released? Release date revealed

June 16, 2021

kingdom manga readers are eager to read Chapter 683, and here is everything you need to know about the release schedule for the next chapter.

Kingdom of Yasuhisa Hara is one of the best Japanese manga that you can read right now. Millions of readers around the world follow the series through the adaptation of manga or anime.

The previous chapter of the manga was spectacular, and right now everyone is waiting to see what will happen in Chapter 683.

kingdom chapter 683 release date

Kingdom Chapter 683 is scheduled for release on Thursday, June 17, 2021, according to various reports.

Note that there is no official information on the delay of the next chapter, so you can expect the series to follow its normal schedule for now.

Either way, we’ll update this post if there are any changes to the Chapter 683 release schedule.

In case you were wondering, the Kingdom manga is only serialized in Weekly Young Jump magazine. This means that there is no digital platform where you can read the manga. The only way to experience the awesomeness of Kingdom is to shop for Weekly Jump magazine.

WHAT IS THE manga kingdom ABOUT?

The story of the kingdom manga is set in a fictional version of the Warring States Period of China. In the manga, you follow the journey of Xin, a war orphan, who wants to unify China by becoming the greatest general of all time. And to do this, Xin undergoes intense training as he tries to unify the kingdom and end this era of war.

If you are familiar with the Warring States period, you will hear several familiar names in the manga. However, not all the characters in the series are from this period in Chinese history.