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When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 be released?

July 8, 2021

dragon ball super is a famous Japanese manga created by the craftsman Toyotarou and composed by Akira Toriyama that was originally released on June 20, 2015. So far its 15 volumes have been distributed and soon Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is ready for delivery. So let’s talk more about the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super!

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 be released?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is scheduled to premiere on July 20, 2021. A large portion of the episodes will air at 12 noon on JST (Japan Standard Time), and English subtitles will be available. for international fans. The chapters will be available on a monthly schedule.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73: Summary

The Dragon Ball Super manga continues with the report of the part of the Granola Survivor journey. The fight between Goku and Granola begins with back and forth between the two, while Vegeta investigates their natural elements, and Granola against Goku ends in a draw. Vegeta remembers something about the Cerelians.

Granola then uses a methodology like Moro’s by taking energy from the ground and devouring Goku in a domineering way! On the other hand, Goku shows phenomenal power against Granola. Goku takes Granola down for a few seconds before discovering the reality of the Granola clone. The Certified Granola was covering the entire time, using a clone with a smigen of his ability to fight the Saiyans, until later he emerges and shoots Goku, hitting him casually!

Before Granola can finish off Goku, Vegeta steps in to save Goku and challenges Granola as his next enemy. With Vegeta versus Granola, will Vegeta be able to persevere?