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When is One Punch Man chapter 145 released?

April 21, 2021

One Punch Man manga chapter 145 is just around the corner. Now that One Punch Man Chapter 144 has already been released, the Saitama fandom is excited to watch and read the next chapter in the manga series.

Well, it’s no wonder why One Punch Man fans are so excited. If you’ve read the previous chapter before, you already know the suspense of the chapter. Our main protagonist, Saitama, surely needs to come and help his fellow heroes soon. In chapter 144 we saw how the enemy led by Fuhrer Ugly poses enormous problems for the heroes.

Many heroes have already sacrificed their lives and the final chapter sees Tank Top Master being brutally defeated by the enemy. At the same time, the final chapter of the one punch man manga also features Tatsumaki, an S-class hero and currently No. 2, who is unconscious after taking a big hit from the enemy. Is this the end of Tatsumaki? We’ll find out in the next chapter of the One Punch Man manga.

When is One Punch Man chapter 145 released?

Now the big question is when One Punch Man chapter 145 will be released. Unlike all other manga series that have a regular schedule, One Punch Man does not have a specific day for its premiere date. Sometimes the manga comes out within 10 days, sometimes more than 10 days.

For this reason, we are assuming that the next chapter 145 of One Punch Man will be released within the next 10 days, that is, between the last week of April and the first week of May 2021.

Where to read One Punch Man Chapter 145?

You can legally read the next chapter of the manga from official distributors like Viz Media.