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What is the premiere date, time, and spoilers for Kingdom season 3 episode 17?

August 7, 2021

Kingdom season 3 episode 17 is almost here; Scroll down for more information on kingdom season 3 episode 16 premiere date, spoilers, and recap.

“The Battle of Hangu Pass, Day 16” is the title of episode 17. The fighting reached its peak after Meng Wun assassinated Han Ming and his army made significant progress. Wang’s army arrives just in time to repel the invaders before they can open the door to Hangu Pass, which they had planned to do. Zhan Yin stutters asking which one of you stupid idiots was duped by Wang Jian’s scam. Wa Lin notes that if the fool hadn’t made a mess, they would have already destroyed Hangu Pass.

What Previously Happened in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16

Wan Lin, General, asks, “Did you call the great Wu Lu Duo a fool because he called you a giant?” The other officers interrupt them because they will spend the day in silence. They know that they will have to pass the Hangu Pass to get to Xianyang if they plan to attack, and they also understand that they will have to storm Xianyang if they try to take it. Take a good look: Li Mu’s army actually came for a fair fight.

What are the spoilers for Kingdom season 3 episode 17 waiting for?

According to the spoilers for Kingdom season 3 episode 17, Riboku congratulates Duke Hyou on successfully decoding his plan. Even his esteemed general, Keisha, was unable to accomplish this feat. Hyou, according to Riboku, is the essence of a general who is instinctive in his approach.

Houken’s arrival

Duke Hyou prepares to fight Riboku, but it is not him who will participate in the fight. Houken makes his appearance, and it is he who will face Hyou. The latter claims that Houken does not exude a generalizable aura, but rather overwhelming martial strength.

Hyou prepares to confront Houken, while ordering his forces to pursue Riboku behind enemy lines. Hyou reveals her identity, but Houken claims that she doesn’t have to know her. To make sure it’s not identity theft, he’s there to verify the facilities.

Gigantic size jester

The two immediately start fighting, and Houken dispatches Hyou in one go. With the next blow, he manages to go through it a little more than before. After a fight with Ouki, Hyou approaches him and asks why he is still on the battlefield. He calls him Goblin Giant and attacks him, which only slightly deters him from attacking him again.

The rest of Hyou’s forces join the fight, and Gakuga is repeatedly stabbed with spears while fighting. He leaves and Hyou advises him to take his time because he will bring back Houken’s head as a souvenir.

When will kingdom season 3 episode 17 air?

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17 premieres on Monday, August 9, 2021 at 12:10 am With six more episodes remaining in the third season, this anime will announce a new season shortly.

12:15 am, August 10, Japan
August 9, 11:15 am, US / Canada
India – Aug 9, 8:45 pm
August 9, 4:15 pm UK
Europe (CES) – August 9, 5:15 pm