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Watch Godzilla Singular Point Episode 13: Release Date

June 11, 2021

Yun, Haberu, Mei, and the rest of the crew are about to recover from the Godzilla incidents. Godzilla Singular Point has ended; Let’s find out what the ending of the episode has to offer. The superiors reveal that the ancient Greek Stoics believed that the world would be destroyed by a great fire. They watch the fire spread around the city and wonder what will put an end to this Godzilla incident. Finally, Mei reaches the place near the lake where the Singular Point is located.

Yukie asks Makita what she thinks of the end of the world. Yukie reveals that the pessimist said that the God of the universe wanted to erase and the evidence of his mistake to create humanity. Rin, Mei, and Bayler enter the experiment room, where Mai realizes that the experiments have failed due to the calculations that caused the explosion. Bayler reveals that massive amounts of “stones” have been repeated and compressed. Bayler also talks about the incident that took place more than 50 years ago.

The Matarisvan was almost born during the experiments. Mei also wonders what Mata is, and Bayler replies that Mata is known as Agni, the God of Fire. Mei asks if the Fire God is like Kagutsuchi. Kagutsuchi is a Japanese god whose mother died of burns while giving birth. Bayler responds that the search committee was formed, but was unsuccessful. The super-dimensional calculator has been sealed and 20 years have passed. After a few months, Professor Li destroys the seal and Bayler shows them where Li found the Archetype and the Orthogonal Diagonizer.

Previously in Godzilla Point Singular Episode 12

Professor Li relaunches the ascent to Singular Point, but not as a calculator but as a production facility. Mei wonders what kind of person Professor Li is. Bayler says that according to Mei, the calculator returns results for the future. Mei reveals that Professor Ashihara has gone to the future and witnessed the catastrophe. Bayler intervenes, saying that Ashihara may have reached the “future.” Anyway, if that’s true, they should try redoing the calculator shortly instead of going to Catastrophe.

Mei’s robot asks if the calculations were correct and successful. Bayler tells the trio that they will see the results when they get there. Rin can’t believe they still have to climb stairs, and it’s been a long time since they reached this base. Mei talks about the strength and the result they could achieve. Bayler comments that Ashihara was caught in the explosion and disappeared. No one knows if Ashihara is dead or if she has traveled to the future. Bayler tells Mei that she should try to control the genie in the lamp without crashing.

Bayler scares Mei and Rina by telling them that if they search the base they might find Ashihara’s body. Mei’s robot asks if there is a place where it can charge its battery. Meanwhile, Haberu, Yun, and Jet Jaguar are investigating something, and Jet Jaguar sees a butterfly. Yun comments that it is a moth; Red Dust has covered the entire place, forcing the trio to wear a mask. Jet Jaguar explains that butterflies and moths are Lepidoptera. They are difficult to differentiate and their behavior varies depending on the habitat.

Yun tells Jet Jaguar not to be afraid because the butterfly doesn’t bite. The trio talk about the rules for playing with the butterfly, but Jet Jaguar is saddened when the butterfly flies away. In the city, reporters talk about Red Dust and Godzilla attacking and destroying the city. One of the journalists reveals that the Kaijus migrated from Europe to Africa. But the red dust remains over Central Asia, and the media is getting images of a fleet off the coast of California. Finally, the Japanese television newscast talks about the failed elimination of Godzilla.

Thick red dust is blocking satellite images. The Rodans head for the city. During this time, the military discovered the same characteristics as the red toxin and something that absorbs the red toxin and grows like a plant. They wonder if there is a plant, the Kaiju, that causes buildings to collapse. One of the soldiers reveals the Kaiju plant, the gray goo, or the experts’ blood. The captain realizes that this is something that has no explanation.

Later, Mei wonders if Ashihara hasn’t tried to use the Orthogonal Diagonizer to avoid the catastrophe. Mei, Rin, and Bayler have found the orthogonal Diagonizer note. Yun and Haberu have also discovered some exciting news that will help save the world. This butterfly breeds many butterflies that help get rid of the red dust when they fly. This is what we have for the last episode of this anime; Check it out below and don’t miss the episode review next week.

Release date for Godzilla Singular Point episode 13

The new release date for Godzilla Singular Point episode 13 is June 17, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. JST. You can watch Godzilla Singular Point on Netflix.