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Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 2

July 9, 2021

TSUKIPRO ANIMATION 2 begins with two weird guys enjoying their favorite drinks. They advertise coffee they sell under the DYDO brand. Their manager tells them that their unit, Solids, appeared in the new canned coffee commercial and provided the music for them. One of the journalists asks the Solids members what canned coffee means. The pink-haired boy comments that when he drinks his coffee, inspiration boils in him. The pink haired boy turned out to be Shiki Takamura.

The blonde said he felt refreshed and enjoyed his coffee with breakfast. The blonde is Tsubasa Okui, and the third said that she prefers different coffees because there are so many flowers and a calming aroma. The third is Rikka Sera, and the blue haired boy comments that coffee makes him feel relaxed, and it is Dai Murase. Journalists are excited that the song just released will become a hit. They announce the next joint concert in 4 units that will take place in summer, Tsukipro Live 2021 Summer Carnival.

The boys give Shiki a chance to speak to reporters and announce that there is no need to rush and that they can wait and see what the Solids can do. Later, Shiki and Tsubasa talk about Rikka and Dai, who will be attending the meeting. Shiki reveals that Haiduki was in a good mood, and the two were called in for another offer. Tsubasa comments that he can’t wait to see what will happen. He receives a text message and asks Shiki about his plains after this event. Shiki replies that Keito says that he will come to Tokyo and will be waiting for him in the bedroom.

Previously on tsukipro THE ANIMATION 2 Episode 1

Tsubasa is happy that his sister is coming to Tokyo, and Shiki is surprised that Tsubasa has a sister. Later, at the mall, the guy in the black suit sees a bag on the floor and tells the owner of the bag that he dropped the bag. The lady takes her wallet and thanks the boy for his kindness. The boy looks at the poster and notices that this woman looks like Tsubas and wonders if the two are related. They both look at each other, wondering what’s going on.

They are both going in the same direction, and the lady wonders why this guy is following her. The boy wonders why this woman is in front of him and ends up going to the same store to buy some drinks. The lady wonders if the boy is spying on her, but he continues to follow her. The lady starts to run and tries to get out of sight, and the boy starts to walk faster. He wonders if something terrible will happen, but he finally reaches his destination.

Ohara Unit

They are both in the same bedroom and the lady asks the receptionist if this guy is from here. The receptionist replies that the boy is not from the area, and the lady says that this boy follows her wherever she goes. The receptionist confronts the boy, but Tsubasa and Shiki arrive. Tsubasa asks Mina what she’s doing here, and she says this guy is up to something. Shiki approaches this boy since he knows him, and they greet each other.

Shiki says that the boy is Keito and Tsubasa tall Kaito calling him brother: Mina realizes that Keito has followed her to see if she is Tsubasa’s sister. Mina discovers that Keito is Shiki’s brother and apologizes for suspecting him; Keito tells Mina not to worry as they are not twin brothers. Shiki asks Mina if she is Tsubasa’s little sister and says they look alike. Tsubasa comments that Mina is beautiful, trying to get Shiki to congratulate her sister.

The lady says that she is Mina Okui and that she is happy to meet them. Rikka had fun playing alone. Sora Ohara also arrives and talks about something with Morihito Arihara, a member of Soara’s unit. Soshi Kagurazaka realizes that Sora might be injured and tells him to be careful. Nozomu Nanase also joins the conversation, and Ren tells Nozomu to get off while climbing a ladder. In the evening, the two brothers did an excellent conservation and found each other. The boys enjoy drinking canned coffee brought by Keito.

Release date for Tsukipro-The Animation 2 Episode 2

The last release date for Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 2 is July 14, 2021. TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 online on HIDIVE.