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Tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 1 Release Date

July 4, 2021

Tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy will be joining another anime starting in July. Makoto Misumi is a young high school student whose parents were summoned to the other world to play the role of a hero. Unfortunately, things did not turn out in his favor as the goddess who rules the world of goddesses humiliates Makoto for his appearance. Makoto is a traveler who has also been summoned to the other world. The Goddess abandoned Makoto and sent him to the ruins, where he befriends dragons, orcs, spiders, dwarves, and non-human tribes.

Makoto is gifted with magical powers and fighting abilities unimaginable as he comes from another world. His parents made a contract with the Goddess that stipulated that Makoto be summoned to the world of the Goddesses. Goddesses never accept people who do not meet their standard of beauty, and those who have a low standard of beauty are punished and sent to the ruins. Makoto was punished for this and sent to the ruins. The day Makoto was punished, the Goddess also stole two other beauties without making a contract.

The goddess sent these two to her world to serve the heroes. Tsukuyomi is the Moon God of the Earth, works as an intermediary during the execution of the contract. Tsukuyomi helps Makoto and gives him her blessing, advising him to be free. Makoto is also known as Raidou Konoha in the World of Goddesses. Tomoe has become Makoto’s partner, and she is a Superior Dragon, existing in the World of Goddesses. Tomoe is the second mighty Great Dragon, also known as the “Invincible” for not having been defeated by any being. He possesses immense powers and a remarkable ability called Asora. Everyone in the goddess world called her “Invincible Dragon” or “Mirage Dragon”.

Tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy Summary

Emma is the daughter of the leader of the orcs of the Highlands. In Emma’s village, they believed that they were sacrificing people to appease a supreme dragon. They did not know that the Supreme Dragon was fast asleep. A group of demons was used as a sacrifice, but things changed when Emma met Makoto. Makoto saved her from mishaps. Tomoki was a high school student in the real world and was summoned as a hero. In the real world, he was bullied because he was a handsome man that women couldn’t resist, and goddesses called him out because of his good looks.

One day, Tomoki meets Tomoe in the forest near Misuki Lake and fights with Sofia and Lancer. But the two end up having disagreements and go their separate ways. Later, the two Tomoki met Makoto Misumi, thinking that Makoto was a weakling. The two had a fight, and Tomoki was defeated and fell unconscious. Later, Tomoki wakes up and sees Lily in front of him. Hibiki comes from a wealthy and prosperous family and her talent attracts the attention of the Goddess. The goddess summoned her to become a hero.

Undead skeleton

Tomoe fought the Black Calamity Spider, but the Spider decided to retreat, causing her to lose interest in the fight. After the battle, Tomoe hibernated in the Wasteland and left the world. Mio is a giant Black Calamity Spider, whose legs have sharp tips. His body quickly regenerates from the slightest injury and fights Tomoe until he returns to his human form. Shiki has two appearances which are Hyuman and Lich.

Shiki’s human forms make him a handsome young man with red hair. He uses silk to hide the status of his equipment. His Lich form makes him look like an undead skeleton dressed in a black robe with gold embroidery made with magic. His black staff can transform into a giant scythe that transforms him into a Reaper. Shiki’s eyes are hollow, and only a red light shines through the hole in their sockets.

Hibiki was summoned to the Limia Kingdom and received the blessing of the Goddess. The summons was different from that of Makoto, who was summoned by a female deity. After summoning, Hikibi began training to become a high-ranking soldier and learned a different sword technique than the common soldier. High-ranking officers recruit her to fight the demonic army. She fights when the demonic army takes over her camp during the battle, and Makoto comes to her aid.

Release date for tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 1

The premiere date of the first episode of Tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy is July 7, 2021. You can watch TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy online on Crunchyroll.