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Tokyo Revengers episode 9 release date and spoilers

June 1, 2021

If you are a fan of action, science fiction and the Yanki genre and you love to watch anime series, then you must try the amazing Japanese TV series “Tokyo Revengers”. The series is originally based on a popular manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui and first published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen magazine. This manga series is not only popular in Japan, but it is also highly appreciated by fans around the world. In addition to the anime television series adaptation, there is also a live film adaptation of this manga series.

The television series “Tokyo Revengers” is directed by Koichi Hatsumi and written by Yasuyuki Muto. Hiroaki Tsutsumi provided the music while the series is produced in association with Liden Films Studios. The series premiered on April 11, 2021, and a total of 8 episodes have so far aired on Tokyo’s original television network, AT-X and MBS. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode which is, “Tokyo Revengers Episode 9”.

Tokyo Revengers: episode 9 spoilers

Today’s episode will be extremely interesting and entertaining as Takemichi will try to do everything he can to avoid the confrontation between Ken and Sano. Takemichi has traveled in the past and knows that the fight between them will have deadly consequences. Ken and Sano were good friends, however for some reason the duo started fighting and their drama didn’t end there as they then started dragging Takemichi into their fight.

Takemichi was frustrated, to put it mildly. He has traveled in the past and knows that if Ken and Sano continue to hold a grudge, they will end up dividing the entire Toman. Takemichi grabs Ken’s neck for the first time and asks for his death wish. Seeing Takemichi like this, Sano and Ken don’t understand why he’s behaving like this. However, Takemichi turns away from Ken and seems to have a heart.

Ken and Sano apologize to Takemichi and tell him that they didn’t want to hurt him. Later, Ken and Sano break up their argument and become friends. Takemichi wants everything to remain the same between them, until August 3, 2005, because he knows that this is the day Draken will be killed by the Kiyomas. Later, he is invited by Hina for the festival season. That’s all that’s going to happen in the next episode.

Tokyo Revengers: episode 9 release date

Fans are eagerly awaiting the ninth episode of the “Tokyo Revengers” series. Episode 9 of the series will premiere on June 7, 2021, that is, on Sunday at 2:08 pm (JST) and also at 1:08 am (EST). You can watch all the episodes of this series on TV Tokyo and AT-X and you can also watch them online on Crunchyroll. We will keep you posted, in the meantime, stay with us.