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Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 release date, spoilers, and anime online

May 13, 2021

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6: Takemichi traveled to the future and met Sendo Atsushi from Upper Echelon. He goes to work in the morning and Hasegawa tells him that he was shot. The latest episode of Tokyo Revengers is titled Releap. For more than two weeks they told him that he had not appeared. Takemichi knows that he tried to save Hina two weeks earlier in another world. However, you are concerned about how you can explain your absence to your manager. He wonders who could blame her for his disappearance. Hasegawa replies.

Takemichi apologizes. But he tries to tell himself that he’s still being fired, Hasegawa recalls. Takemichi knows that time flies when he is in the past and affects the present moment. Ask about his salary because there is nothing he can do and they could not wait two weeks for him. Hasegawa ordered direct deposit. Takemichi thinks later that night that he might talk to her about his future after saving Hina. He asks Naoto, Hina’s brother, if he should do it.

Tokyo Revengers episode 6 spoilers

The title of the sixth episode of Tokyo Revengers is “Releap.” In this episode, after returning from the future, Takemichi returns to the present. But when he returns, Takemichi lost his job for more than 2 weeks due to his absence from work. Takemichi realizes that time in the present is faster when he returns to the future. The biggest problem is that the true purpose of their absence cannot be revealed.

Tied up without a choice, he goes to see Naoto, and tells the truth to Hina Naoto, however, he tells Takemichi that this is unnecessary and will only complicate things Hina will not think that Takemichi can travel in the future and also that in the future she would die. . Takemichi understands Naoto’s points and gives him the idea to tell Hina the truth. Draken-related issues and group Mike’s struggles will be discussed later by Naoto and Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 5

Naoto doesn’t say anything to Takemichi as it will seem like he’s just trying to get out of this the easiest way. Explain why Takemichi wants to tell Hina the truth. Naoto says that Hina is going to think Takemichi is crazy. Takemichi would not please Hina as no one would think that a human can travel between the past and the future.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 Release Date

The premiere date for Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 will be Tuesday, May 16, 2021. Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 is scheduled to air at approximately 12:55 PM JST. Episode 6 will air in different time zones depending on where you are.

Watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 online

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 Anime Online English Subs, fans have been eagerly waiting for it. You can read Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 Anime Online English Subs for free from the following anime platforms to support creators: On Netflix.

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