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Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 Release Date and Time: Mikey vs. Kazutora

August 18, 2021

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 Release Date and Time: Mikey vs. Kazutora

The bloody Halloween battle is on and the tide of the battle seems to be constantly turning. The top leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang has lived up to his reputation and the conclusion of the battle will be decided in the upcoming 20th episode of Tokyo Revengers. Kazutora’s dark side is finally revealed to us and her hatred for Mikey seems to have no limits. The invincible Mikey has taken all the blows from his opponents and has returned them ten times.

A lot has happened in the battle so far, but there is still a long way to go. The war between Valhalla and the Toman gang will decide the fate of both gangs. Kisaki joined the Toman gang as part of their plan and to counter this, Baji joined Valhalla. Takemichi is also trying to prevent Baji from knowing the future that awaits him and it would be very interesting to see how he will overcome the difficulties that are presented to him and succeed. Two of the main characters of this war have yet to appear, namely Baji and Kisaki Tetta. Baji was fighting on the side of the Valhalla gang but hasn’t moved until now.
Kisaki also keeps a low profile and waits for the right moment to attack. Baji is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this war and we all look forward to his action.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 Release Date

The Tokyo Revengers anime finally surpassed all other series and rose to the top as the most popular anime in Japan. The manga in this series has also gained popularity recently and the series has surely been a hit so far. The anime of this series is still in progress and there is still no news of the premiere of a new arc, so Bloody Halloween could turn out to be the final arc of this season.

The upcoming 20th episode of Tokyo Revengers is titled “Dead Or Alive” and will be released on August 22nd. The broadcast schedule will vary depending on the time zone. If you live in central countries, you will be able to watch the episode after 2pm. If you live in Eastern Europe, you will be able to watch the latest episodes after 9pm CET (UTC + 01: 00).

Tokyo revengers has surely been a very popular show and is available on many streaming websites and apps. You can watch it on the official Crunchyroll app or on the Muse Asia YouTube channel.

Tokyo Revenger Episode 20 Spoilers

The following sections contain the spoiler for the upcoming Tokyo Revenger episode 20 and if you don’t like their spoiled show, you can skip this section and read other articles on our website.

In the battle to come, seeing the tide of the battle reversed, Kiasaki Tetta finally takes action. A large group of members of Valhalla attack Mikey in his weakened state and while he fights, Kisaki fights alongside Mikey only to act as a shadow.

Baji finally makes an appearance and hits Kisaki Tetta by sneaking up behind her. To prevent Baji from getting close to Mikey, Chifuyu and Takemichi intervene. Chifuyu’s extreme devotion to Baji prevented her from avoiding him and while Takemichi held Baji, the worst happened. Kazutora finally made the worst decision and stabbed Baji in the back. At that point, Baji will not show the intensity of the injury he sustained and will charge forward, but it will turn out to be a fatal attack.

The next episode is certainly highly anticipated and we are all eager to see how the animation of the battle unfolds. Meanwhile, you can read various articles about your favorite anime and manga on our site.

Episode 19 Review:

The Bloody Halloween War is surely one of the biggest wars in this series and we can finally see why Mikey chose his frames. The Toman Gang executives are true beasts and they take over the members of Valhalla without stopping. Kazutora played a bad card by joining up with Mikey and using the help of two of Valhalla’s best members to grab Mikey and attack him from behind. Mikey asked Kazutora if he saw him as an enemy and Kazutora’s harsh reply made Mikey break. Mikey let out all his anger in one fell swoop and sent all three limbs around him to waltz. Meanwhile, Draken showed his true strength and turned the tide of the battle in one fell swoop. Takemichi gives the members of Toman enough motivation and once the members’ motivation and spirit are in place, Draken has gone insane. He took over 50 members at once and even overpowered Hanma easily.

Takemichi tried to focus on Baji, his safety was his priority, but the ongoing war did not allow him to escape. He got caught up in the war and did his best to fight the opponents in front of him. First with the help of Mitsuya and then with the help of Chifuyu, he took as much as he could. The battle is still ongoing and its outcome will surely mark the spirits.