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Tokyo Revengers episode 19: release date, spoilers, and time announced

August 9, 2021

Halloween’s Bloody War finally started with a bang. A fatal fate awaits the Tokyo Manji Gang and it will be very interesting to see Takemichi save his friends from this fate in the upcoming episode 19 of Tokyo Revengers.

The preparations are complete and now the two gangs have reached the designated point to decide their fate. Many other gangs and their leaders also arrived to witness the outcome of the fight. Valhalla has always kept its leader’s name a secret, and the gang will fight under Kazutora’s leadership.

After the discussion with Draken, it became absolutely clear that Takemichi must save Baji from death. With that in mind, Takemichi has returned to the past and while he was unable to do anything to prevent the war, he is now part of it to support Mikey as much as he can.

The biggest war in the Tokyo Revenger anime is already underway and fans around the world are eager to see how it unfolds. Readers of this anime’s manga have also waited a long time to see the war in the anime adaptation.

The Bloody Haloween is without a doubt one of Tokyo Revenger’s most popular arches so far and while we are all Baji supporters, we have yet to see what fate awaits him.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date

All the efforts of our heroes were thwarted and the long-awaited war has finally begun. A very dire future awaits Baji and now that he is part of the war, Takemichi does everything he can to prevent this from happening.

Kisaki Tetta still hasn’t moved, but the last moments have arrived and we can finally see what she wanted.

The Tokyo Revenger anime debuted this summer and has been very successful so far. With his manga continuing simultaneously, the series is gaining popularity very quickly. The anime has released 18 episodes so far and the next Tokyo Revenger episode 19 will be released on August 15.

The next episode will be released after 2 PM CDT in Central countries and if you live in Eastern countries, you can stream the episode after 9 PM CET (UTC + 01:00).

Anime has surely been at the top of the popularity chart this season and you can stream it on many different apps or websites. You can see it on the official Crunchyroll app or on the MuseAsia YouTube channel.

Episode 18 Review:

Final preparations for the war are now complete and the war has finally begun. The last episode came with a lot of plot development because now Takemichi’s only priority is saving Baji from Kazutora.

Takemichi returned to the past and together with Chifuyu went to meet Baji. Chifuyu told Baji that he had done his research and that Kisaki is the leader of Valhalla and asked Baji to return. Baji stood his ground and said that Toman is his enemy now.

Draken arranged a meeting with Kazutora to ask him to cancel the war, but Kazutora’s immense hatred of Mikey interfered. Kazutora said she wanted revenge on Mikey because she had to sacrifice two years of her life for Juvenile.

The two gangs met in the car shed to resolve their conflict through the war and many other gang leaders and members also met to witness the outcome of this war.

Kazutora attacked the so-called Arbiter of War and started the Mark of War. The next episode will finally show us the outcome of this bloody Halloween war.

Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Episode 19

A strong fight broke out between the two bands to decide the king of their region. Kazutora attacked Mikey and Draken attacked Hanna. The Tokyo Manji Gang was at a disadvantage for half the men. The Tokyo Manji Gang has 150 members and the Valhalla has 300 members.

The captains of the Tokyo Manji Gang were undoubtedly a powerhouse, but average members will find it difficult to stand up to the Valhalla Gang. Seeing Takemichi raised the morale of the Tokyo Manji Gang, and with the failure of the average soldiers, the Captains gave their all.

Once again we will witness the immense power of Draken. As we all know, he is very powerful, but in this war he is going to level up and face 40-50 members. Draken alone changed the course of the war.

Baji will prepare to attack Kiasaki and after taking orders from Kisaki, Kazutora will hit Baji on the back. The war will be furious and very exciting and it will surely leave a lasting impression on our hearts.