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Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 Release Date

July 12, 2021

In the previous episode of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi and Naoto visit one of Tokyo’s prisons after discovering that Draken is on death row. This sets up the conflict in episode 15 of Tokyo Revengers. The two men realize that in order to save Hina again, they must obtain information from Draken and travel to the past. Draken explains his role and vows to kill Kisaki Tetta. Takemichi and Naoto return home and investigate Kisaki’s case. Naoto discovers that Kisaki is one of the most influential people in the Tokyo Manji Gang and the acting commander. Takemichi tries to find a way to bring Hina back to life in Tokyo Revengers. Naoto believes that Kisaki is the one who killed Hinata.

The police are investigating Kisaki, but have no evidence against him. Takemichi realizes that there is only one thing they can do, and that he must become Toman’s leader. Takemichi reminds Naoto that if he becomes Toman’s leader, he will be able to stop Kisaki. The two men realize that they can protect Draken, Mikey, and Hinata. Takemichi has traveled in the past, and the Tokyo Manji Gang gathers dressed in black. Makey says it’s time to welcome in the new captain of the 3rd Division.

Takemichi wonders what is happening; the title of the episode is “Break Up”. The boys get on their bikes and head to a place. They reach their territory and Draken announces that they officially name the new captain of the 3rd division of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi wonders who will be chosen for this position. The gang members wonder if they would choose Draken as their captain. Mikey yells for the third captain to stand up and Takemichi notices that Mikey is looking at him. But two guys arrive and Takemichi realizes that he has seen them before. The boys wonder what is going on since nothing has been said.

Previously in Tokyo Revengers Episode 14

The German man of the cup reveals that it is the new captain of the 3rd division, kisaki Tetta. Takemichi realizes that this guy is the source of all trouble and he needs to stop him. The gang realizes that Kisaki has worked with Moebius in the past and wonders why they welcome him here. They scold Kisaki by telling him to leave because he could be a traitor. Draken tells the gang that anyone who has a problem with Mikey’s decision should get involved. Mikey announces that they are going to fight Valhalla.

The new Valhalla is huge, and Moebius has nothing to do with them, and to take them down, Toman needs new allies. Mikey reveals that Kisaki worked as a spy for Moebius, and to win the war they need Kisaki. He also talks about Captain Kisaki Tetta’s 3rd Division opening ceremony. Temichi realizes that things are not in his favor, and that Kisaki has won the hearts of Mikey and Draken.

Former 1st Division Captain Keisuke Baji

Kisaki nods and thanks Mikey for his new job. Draken wonders what his commander is thinking. Takemichi was unable to control his emotions after realizing that this guy plans to eliminate them and hits Kisaki. The gang wonders if Takemichi wants him killed as he hits like a girl. Kisaki held on, but only his glasses fell to the ground. Draken wonders what Takemichi is doing, since he is a normal guy. They tell him that he is not even part of Toman and that he wants to ruin the ceremony.

Takemichi realizes that this guy has forgotten everything he has done for them. Baji begins to beat up Takemichi, who admits that things have changed in this gang. Takemichi realizes that the last time he traveled there was no Baji. Mitsuya stopped Baji from attacking, but Baji told him that he was going to kill him. Mikey reminds Baji that he is not allowed to attend his meetings due to specific internal conflicts.

Baji comments that he hit someone and wonders if he will be fired. Takemichi wonders what is happening and Baji says that he will go to Valhalla. Baiji says that former 1st Division captain Keisuke Baji is an enemy of Toman. Kisaki smiles and realizes that Toman is in bad shape. Draken tells Mikey not to worry because Baji always does what he wants. Kisaki hits Takemichi with a big punch and sends him to sleep. Later, Baije meets Kaztora. Takemichi spoke to Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 15 Release Date

The release date for episode 15 of Tokyo Revengers is July 17, 2021. You can watch Tokyo Revengers online on Crunchyroll.